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The WINNER--and things that make me happy this week

I will start this post by saying that one of my cameras is not working and I cannot find the other one--so I have no cute photos to accompany the announcement of who won the Stella let's cut to the chase---

I had 13 entries on the blog, then 17 e-mail entries ......I put all the names in a hat.....shook the hat hard as to be fair and the winner is........

*CAROLYN from THIS hilarious blog--Hooray!
I have never met Carolyn, but I thoroughly enjoy her witty blog--when of course she is posting and NOT procrastinating. I really wish she would post more because she is truly funny.

I know from Carolyn's blog that she is witty and beautiful and her hubby is very cute. I also know that she loves to travel (shout out Italy last fall), she loves gelato, and perfume, and she has horrible luck with car stereos. Carolyn also did a great review of "Lars And The Real Girl" on her blog. I have yet to see it, but I am horrible with movies....more on that later.
I wish I could just meet up with Carolyn to give her the Stella, but I believe she lives very far from me so it will go in the mail to her early next week.

Thanks to everyone who entered and congrats Carolyn!

I also want to talk about some things that are making me happy this week.

First up, I am trying to eat very few carbs and no sugar. This is very hard because I think my sugar addiction would be like that of a drug addict....only not illegal and less expensive. The more sugar I eat, the more I want, so I am off cold turkey for over a week and I think I have just about quit shaking and sweating. My "lithium" so to speak this week has been Kozy Shack NO SUGAR ADDED Rice Pudding.
SWOON! They come in individual serving sizes and each serving has only 90 calories. I put cinnamon on mine and it is really good. I am happy I found this because I usually hate low carb treats. Kozy Shack can be somewhat hard to find, but I got mine at my local Meijer.

I am also in love with the Davines line of hair products lately. Have you tried DAVINES ? It is AMAZING. I purchased a shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner and some honey gel and I love all of them. It can be hard to find in salons, but AMAZON carries a lot of the products.

I know I am WAY late to the "Atonement" party and my friend Pat over at DOODAD KIND OF TOWN is cringing because I rarely watch a whole movie. Pat writes a great movie blog and when I see her I always feel like a dope because I do not know very much at all about movies. I always see things like a year after they come out. Whatever--I loved "Atonement" and I loved the performances of James McAvoy and Kiera Knightley.

I have loved James McAvoy for a long time. He is in a movie I watched a few years ago called "Rory O'Shea Was Here" Europe it was called "Inside I Am Dancing". It is about a young man with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and a young man with Cerebral Palsey in modern day Ireland. Rory is the boy with M.D. and he is played brilliantly by James McAvoy. I am very partial to that movie and to the performance because since I was 17 years old I have worked on and off with the Musuclar Dystrophy Association. I was a camp counselor for years and I have known a lot of young men with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and James played the part flawless. The movie is great and portrays with dignity some of the real struggles (physical as well as social) of a person with a physical disability. The beautiful Romola Garai plays Rory's caretaker in the movie and it just so happens that she played the 18 year old Briony in "Atonement".
I am also loving L'oreal Collagen Remodeler. It is marketed for use on the face, but I have been using it on my hands at night before bed and I swear my hands are softer and smoother. I am always searching for new hand creams, but hey if it is good enough for the face then surely it is wonderful for the paws. This product can be found at just about any drugstore. I got mine at Target.
Care to share anything that makes you happy this week?
Have a beautiful day!


Blogger MISS S said...

Congrats Carolyn!! I am the same way you are about watching movies. I remember you telling me about "Rory O'shea was here" a year ago when you saw it. It is in my memory again so I will try my best to check it out. Monday my helper and I went shopping, and we picked up some "Sun In" to try on my hair. I am not one to put color on my hair but my dad keeps informing me of how much gray I have in my hair! It is such a pain (transferring everywhere and stuff), and expensive for me to keep up the coloring of it. My helper said there isn't a whole lot you have to do with it. So when she comes this morning and I take my shower. She said after the shower she will put the Sun In before she blows it dry and wala! It should highlight it. So I am excited to try it. That will hope fully make me a happy camper! I will let you know. Another thing that made me extremely happy this week was the fact that I saw my friend Frank with FA on Sunday! I should roll, my VD was acting really good today. That always makes me happy! I'm glad you're week has been filled with happy things!

Pride on three, pride on three!!

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG I loved Atonement too. I do not really thing Kiera is talented because she is always the same but it was a good movie.
I also L'Oreal and James McAvoy.

Way to go Carolyn. Enjoy your fragrance.


3:20 PM  
Blogger Tanya Kristine said...

i'm low carbing too. i'm actually liking it this time around and sunday i had 3 BEERS! Ultra of course and i was still in THAT made me happy. almost as much as a big tub of kozy shack. :)

4:24 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

No way! I am so shocked (and thrilled) as I never win anything. And you are way too sweet, J. You inspire me to be a better person--and a better blogger too. :-) Thanks for the product and movie recs also--I am going to check out that Davines hair stuff and the movies are now in my Netflix queue.

8:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not think we get Kozy Shack in Ireland.
That sounds very good. The low carbohydrate diet is not popular here, but I know it has worked for many of my stateside friends.

I loved Inside I Am Dancing and Romola is beautiful.

8:17 AM  
Blogger Parisjasmal said...

*Miss S-
Skrreee--VD must be acting right for me to get such a long comment! I love it! So I will have to call you to hear about the Sun In. From what I know (which is not much) I did not think Sun In covered gray...but maybe so.
I am glad you saw Frank and I hope you had fun.
Did you see on BL when they went to Aus and Roger said "Sydney on Three, Sydney on Three......ONE TWO THREE SYDNEY?!!!!? Then Jay was going to get voted off and Roger let him do the Pride call and he was all weepy and feebly voiced and he did it? I did not know whether to laugh or cry!
I will call you soon!

*Hello Shiloh-
I somewhat agree about Kiera, but I think she has a bit of a player, pirate girl, etc. I rather enjoy James and L'oreal too.
Lovely day to you.

*Tanya Kristine-
I imbibe in the Michelob Ultra from time to time also. It only has one carb....I add a little salt and some lime and I make my "poor girl margarita". Do you watch "Real Housewives of New York"? There is a chef on there who has a recipe for a "skinny' margarita that I am going to try some time. Godspeed on the lowcarbing.
I am in love with Kody!!!
Have a great day.

*CAROLYN* Hip Hip Hooray!
Thanks for your very kind words.
I looked on your blog--but there is no e-mail link to get in touch with you--so can you email me at with your addy so I can get this rosy, lovely juice out to you?
Thanks so much!!1

8:32 AM  
Blogger Patricia Perry said...

Hey Jen! Thanks for the shout out.

Here's what I am loving right now: The Olay 14-day Skin Intervention kit. I'm on Day 13 right now, and it has done wonders for me. This horrible winter did a number on me. My complexion was a dry, red, blotchy, miserable mess. But this 14-day treatment is really making a difference.

(PS - hope you got my email the other day. We need to do dinner soon!)

10:49 AM  
Blogger violetnoir said...

Hey there!

Atonement the film was even better than the book. I thought the performances of all of them, especially the little girl, were amazing. And, how can you beat Vanessa Redgrave?

I don't know about that rice pudding, babe. You sure about that?

Will email next week.

Hugs and love!

12:52 PM  
Blogger Swirl Girl said...

I suck at watching movies too. D and I are just now watching movies that came out 2 years ago. DANG. I did think that Atonement looked good, though, so I will check it out. I am needing something for me hair, lad. Please help. Nothing is keeping the 'fro at bay. Granted, we have had like 8 feet of rain, or something like that... but geez. I look like Don King & Cher's love child. :) Look in your bag of tricks, and give me some recommendations.

9:10 AM  
Blogger Swirl Girl said...

Oh yeah.. and ewwwww.
rice pudding? For reals?

does it have "things" in it? texturey things?

I'm out, friend.

9:11 AM  
Blogger Parisjasmal said...

*Home at last-

Thanks for visiting from the Emerald Isle. If I lived in Ireland I would trade Kozy Shack rice pudding for Guinness!
I agree Romola is beautiful.
Have a lovely day.

We must chat about the Olay 14 day stuff. I am so interested if it really did all that for your skin. You are welcome for the shout out. Looking forward to seeing you (and potentially Luigi) next week.

*Dearest R-
I agree. I tried to listen to the book on my IPOD and blah blah blah the twins and blah blah blah Briony--the movie is SO much better, and that is rare. I also agree about Vanessa Redgrave. Divine!
And Lady--why you hatin' on my pudding? It is good. HA HA HA
Love ya R!

*My Girl C Swirl-

Keep your peepers open for your mail this coming week. I will write you about some hair recs. Your hair is gorgeous though. Always has been.
Don King and Cher's love child! HA.I think you would like Atonement, but I am sure your D would rather stick toothpicks in his eyes that watch it. It is a total girl movie.
Oh and YES there is texture in the pudding--it is called RICE ...hence the name RICE PUDDING.
To quote our boy Joey Tribbiani...
"What's not to love? Pudding Good--Rice Good!"
Remember when Rachel made that trifle with meat and Joey loved it?
HA--much love to one of my circle girls.

9:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a curly head girl myself, so thanks for the hair product rec's. I have shoulder length, colored, naturally curly, porous, unruly locks & I'm loving, Alfaparf Nutri Seduction Pearl Shampoo & Seduction Luxury Mask conditioner. I could be the poster child for this product!!

I'm so sorry for the losses you've suffered this year. Hazel & Forrest are together, looking down on you. I hope in time the pain you feel is comforted by the precious memories you shared.

5:30 PM  

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