Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Shades of Gray

The weather around here has been...well...gray. I have been so uninspired to blog lately, and my friend Shiloh from Australia scolded me for having not blogged about anything related to fashion or beauty for a while now. SO--I decided to use the weather as my fashion inspiration and use some beautiful GRAY things for this post.
Gray is the new black...soft gray that is. It is the most popular neutral of the moment...don't blink or the new neutral will be navy, or chocolate brown...but at this moment it is soft gray, so soft gray I will celebrate today.
This is the beautiful Devote Pump by Chinese Laundry found at PIPERLIME. No frills and lovely.
I have not embraced the bootie trend for myself, but I love them on other people...other people being tall , thin, willowy girls with leggings and thin ankles. These are the Corso Como Bootie also found at PIPERLIME . Even though I am not sure about wearing these myself, I think they are beautiful. This is the Mia Viper flat also from PIPERLIME . Flats are still going strong and sure to be in through the Spring and Summer and these are very cool. I love the snake skin and I love flats.
The gray trend is also alive in nail polish. I would not have thought that gray would be a good color for me, but I LOVE this ZOYA Freja.This is Zoya Freja with some cheap glitter polish on top, but I think it looks very cool -and it is my blog, so I am posting a picture of it for your viewing pleasure-HA!

This is the very chic Gray Studio Exclusives Trench from BLOOMINGDALE'S. I love how it is paired with the black derby-very cool. I love Delman shoes. I have been a fan of their funky yet wearable styles for a long time. This is the Gray Flannel Delman Flat from SAKS . This shoe is prim and pretty and totally wearable. I love this French Connection Herringbone Wool Jacket from BLOOMINGDALE'S . I love the shape of the jacket with the bell sleeves, cute collar and the flare of the bodice. Love love love!
This is the gorgeous Robert Rodriguez Side Tie Skirt in gray from SAKS . This skirt is so classic and lovely. I also love the model's shoes in the picture.Last but certainly not least are the Gray Cambio Techno Bermuda Shorts from SAKS . I happen to love Bermuda shorts, or walking shorts depending on where you live. I happen to live in the Midwest where we call them walking shorts. I am going to order these today because they would look so great with a crisp white shirt and a fierce red stiletto. I would also add a scarf to my hair with a splash of red....I digress.
I love these shorts!
I hope whereever you are today that your day is sunny and not gray. As my friend Misto and I talked about just this morning, everything is better when the sun is shining.
Hugs to my Misto.
Lovely day to all!
(photos from,, and** Zoya nail polish photos are property of MonkeyPosh LLC.)


Blogger Water Into Wine said...

I love gray, and I think the Chinese Laundry pumps are sexy; I love that particular hue of gray.

I think it is interesting you hinted about correlation between the weather and color. In my mind there is a correlation between appropriate types of cuisine, wine, beer, and perfume (and many other things) and the weather.

Do you also have certain perfumes that you would wear in cold, gray weather?

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Monkey I love the bermuda shorts with high heels, that is such a great daytime look in the summer.
I agree with your opinion on the booties. They look great on the right woman.
I am in love with your Freja polish with the cheapie glitter, it looks galactic. Interplanet Janet she's the galaxy girl. You know you love Schoolhouse Rock.
I am shocked you did not include a grey purse. Gray/grey. Potato/Potahto.
I love this post.

9:23 AM  
Blogger Jamie said...

I want to jump into my computer monitor and steal that coat for myself. LOVE IT.

10:44 AM  
Blogger Pia said...

Happy belated Valentine's Day, Jen!

How are you and your Dh and Finley and Forrest? All well, I hope.

Great fashion choice and it's about time you posted some,lol! You have the most lovely taste in fashion, Jen. I love all your shades of gray, they are soothing hues and very ladylike. Very nice. These are shades which are perfect for redheads.

The pumps are pretty, they have a good heel height and because of the rounded toe, they look very comfortable. Cute flats,I wish I could wear them too, but alas I'm a shrimp and I will never be caught in flats in public unless I'm wearing thick soled sneakers. I'm only 5 feet tall!
The bottie would go perfect with slim jeans and leggings which you too can definately wear, you're in great shape girl, so go for it!

Zoya-cool polish!

12:11 PM  
Blogger violetnoir said...

Love the shorts, just love them!
And, the booties, too. I had a pair like them "back in the day," but they were more of a taupe color.

And Freja! It is one of my favorite colors this fall. I love grey nail polish. Have you tried OPI Moon over Mumbai yet? It's a soft dove grey with just a hint of lilac.

Hugs and love!

12:37 PM  
Blogger Swirl Girl said...

I lerve gray, but I don't know that I have the best coloring for it. I lerve your nails too! so pretty! I want a pair of those "walking shorts" so bad, because they are so cute. I see them everywhere... I'm not so sure these legs could pull off the shorts AND the pumps... and def not the booties. Cankles, cankles, cankles.

1:37 PM  
Blogger Swirl Girl said...

I lerve gray, but I don't know that I have the best coloring for it. I lerve your nails too! so pretty! I want a pair of those "walking shorts" so bad, because they are so cute. I see them everywhere... I'm not so sure these legs could pull off the shorts AND the pumps... and def not the booties. Cankles, cankles, cankles.

1:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great nail color. I must say I would never have thought gray on the nails either, but it is very pretty.
I love the coat with the bell shape too. That can hide a lot of sins.
The flannel Delmans are cute also.
I love gray.

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jen. I just read your V Day post and interview post again and laughed and truly wished we had that chance at Fashion Week to meet in New York. You are a delight and I share many of the same interests.

I love the shorts with heels. It is still gray here, too!!!!

Have an un-gray weekend!

4:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ms. Monkey - I so love your site, stories and esp pictures (the ones of Italy and your dog are faves!). Wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the story/pics today - grey is so sophisticated. The polish with the sparkle topcoat was a bonus! Thanks again for a GREAT blog! - Pittsburgh

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grand. Finally a fashion post.
I would really love to see a gray purse though. Why not humor me?

Did you see Kylie in the latest daily? I tried to find a more flattering photo of her, but I just do not think there is one.

Byoot day bunchie.

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The above comment was mine. I do not know what happened.


4:46 PM  
Blogger Parisjasmal said...

*Hi WIW-
I agree with you that the weather can influence all kinds of decisions.
As far as perfume, I usually wear heavier or more incensy/leathery/smoky/spicy scents in the colder or grayer weather. I would never wear a light, fresh white flower scent (Fleurissimo, Marc Jacobs, Jardins de Bagatelle, ETC) on a cold and dreary day. You know what I mean.
Oh and I know how you feel about Shalimar-so you can appreciate this:
Eariler this week I was going to wear Shalimar Legre and I really spritzed with abandon only to realize it was original Shalimar--instant headache. I love Shalimar, but a tiny (and I mean tiny) bit goes a long long way.
Any new wine loves lately?

*Hello JKR-
HA HA HA. Yes I do love Schoolhouse Rock. I'm just a bill, yes I am only a bill and I am sitting here on Capital Hill...
I will post pics of a gray purse today. Have a great day.

*Hi Jamie--
I know, right? I love the coat too. MORE SNOW TODAY! ACK!
Are you all ready for your trip?
Have a good day!

*Hi Pia-
How are you lovely lady? DH and Finley are both well, but poor Forrest is a stinker. He is old and very crannky. How is your DH and your horse?
I hope everyone at your house had a lovley Valentine's DAy too!
Thanks for your kind words, but after this winter of being cooped up, I am in NO SHAPE to wear a skinny jean. UGH--this has been a rough winter. I am cracking up that you say you are a "shrimp". I am kinda shrimpy myself....oh and I love a good shrimp scampy! HA
I hope your day is wonderful Dear Pia!

*Howdy Sweet R-
Girl I am sure your rocked those booties!
Yes--I was shocked at how much I actually loved the Freja. Based on your rec, I totally went out and bought Moon Over Mumbai. I have not worn it yet, but it looks beautiful. You are right...a soft, milky, dove gray with a hint of lilac--beautiful for Spring.
Hope you are well!

*Hello to my C-Swirl Girl-
How are you my love? I bet you would look good in gray. You have peaches and cream skin and that skin tone can pretty much pull off everything. I bet you would look great in a dark gray top with red lipstick--tres chic! Oh and you could def pull off the shorts. The booties scare me a little, but with the right outfit--I am sure you could rock the cazzbah--you do not have cankles!!!!

*Hi Lemon Cookie-
Yes, the Freja surprised me too. I agree about that coat. You could totally wear it to a buffet! HA
Have a wonderful day!

*Hey Girl-Woman,
How are things? I really wish we could have met in NYC too. It was a really crazy week! I just hope that you had a blast.
Our weekend was full of sun, but today we are back to SNOW AND GRAY!
Loving your blog!!! Hugs to the dogs!
Have a great day!

*Hello Anon-
Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for visiting the blog. Pittsburgh huh? Do I know you? Is your name Felicia? HMMMMM?
Whomever you are--I truly appreciate your nice words!

*Hi Shiloh-
Noted; I will post some gray purses today and a gray coat--JUST FOR YOU!! I did see the Kylie pics and I thought they were fine. Great story about her new CD.
Byoot day to you too!

6:54 AM  

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