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TAGGED to do a favorite movie post....eeeks.

Hello All,
My friend Pat, who writes a brilliant movie blog over at DOODAD KIND OF TOWN has tagged me to list my favorite movies alphabetically. I am not an avid movie watcher, in fact I rarely sit down long enough to watch a whole movie, not to mention I am no good at making lists, as I sometimes cannot remember my favorite things (whether it be movies, beauty products, etc) becasue the word "list" fills my chest cavity with so much unnecessary pressure.
I am going to do this post in 2 parts, because my brain might combust if I tried to do it all at once.
I did not read anyone else's list (including Pat's) prior do doing mine, as I did not want to be influenced or tempted to copy anyone else's this is all organic and all mine..try not to judge and/or laugh.

A- All The President's Men - Although I was a child when I first saw this movie, I liked it. I cannot say that I understood all of it, but all the adults in my family were interested in Watergate, so I sort of understood. Now that I am an adult I can totally appreciate this movie.

B- Beaches- Seriously, Bette is brilliant in this movie. I love a story about humor, music, and everlasting friendship. (honorable mention goes to Belle du Jour, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and Barefoot in the Park )

C- Cinema Paradiso- Beautiful story of a boy and his mentor set in Italy. Thanks Prufrock for introducing me to this lovely movie.

D- Dr. Zhivago or La Dolce Vita- These are both movies I grew up watching. I have always thought Julie Christie was so elegant, and her with Omar in the Russian snow is simply amazing! La Dolce Vita--Fellini is a genius, Anita is gorgeous, and the cinematography of Rome back then is so moving. (honorable mention goes to Dirty Dancing (shut up), Dead Poet's Society, Don't Look Now, or Delicatessen)

E- Les Enfatns du Paradis- Beautiful French movie that I first saw when I was very young, but I still love to this day. It is the story of a beautiful French lady who is courted by an actor, and mime and a criminal --all set in France. I mean come on people--that is my fantasy life.

F- Father of The Bride--I know, but it is sweet and it is funny and it stars Steve Martin and Diane Keaton. There may have been better and more profound movies I have seen that start with the letter "F" , but none are coming to me this morning.

G- Grease- I know, I know....this movie posseses so much nostalgia for me. I really do love it. It is fun and simple...two of my favorite things.

H- Harvey--the original with Jimmy Stewart. I saw this movie when I was a little girl, and even as a small child, I was very moved by the story of kindness and of guardian angels (for lack of better term). I also saw a stage version when I was little and I loved it. Such a sweet story, and please....what is not to love about anything Jimmy Stewart stars in. Love him!

I- Um....yeeks, I got nothing for this one. I have racked my brain, and I just do not think I am particulary impressed with anything that starts with "I".

J- Jour de Fete- I love the sweet and Chaplinesque feel of this lovley French film.

K- Kissing Jessica Stein--I love this movie. I love the main character's awkward, quirky, sincere humor. I think the writing is smart, the soundtrack is fabulous, and I love that they make New York City such an important part of the whole package.

L- Little Manhattan, Little Shop of Horrors, or Love Actually--Ok, I cannot decide on which is my favorite out of these three. None of them are particulary earthshattering, but I love them all. Little Manhattan is so very sweet, and again I adore the soundtrack and the featured backdrop of New York City. Little Shop -again with my love for Steve Martin, and Ellen Green is amazing. I love the movie version of this musical much more than any stage production I have seen. Love Actually, what can I say? Such a cast, such fun, and so very very sweet.

M- The Magdalene Sisters- I suffer from a bit of insomnia, and although that sucks-it is also a great way to see offbeat movies that are not usually shown during regular hours. I saw The Magdalene Sisters a few years ago in the middle of the night, and I LOVED it. So quirky and scary and sad, yet totally believable. It takes place in Ireland at a convent in the 1950's or 1960's and it is so true to the era and the place. I loved it.


Blogger Patricia Perry said...

Jen -

You are too modest! This is a great list. I'd like to know about Jour de Fete, which I've never heard of. I blush to admit I've never seen Les Enfants du Paradis, although I've heard wonderful things about it.

But you are made of stronger stuff than me if you loved "The Magdalene Sisters" 'cause that one scared the crap out of me. Maybe it's the emotional scars from my one year of Catholic school, but those nasty nuns literally gave me nightmares!

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This post leaves with me a lot of movie options over the upcoming holiday weekend. There are so many I have never seen or heard of.
I am going to assume all the foreign ones are available with English subtitles?
I have seen Beaches and I love it. I have seen Barefoot in the Park and I thought it was strange. I have seen Dead Poet's Society but it was a very long time ago so I do not remember much.
Dirty Dancing ha! Grease ha. Little Shop of Horrors, I think your love of musical theater is overriding your movie picks.
Great list. I am taking notes for Netflix and Blockbuster this coming weekend.
Looking forward to your next installment.

5:07 AM  
Blogger Jamie said...

Did you know Jennifer Westfeldt (of Kissing Jessica Stein fame) is pseudo-married to Jon Hamm? They make an AWFULLY attractive couple.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey JJ-

The only letter for movies is the letter 'C', as in Casablanca, Chinatown and Cool Hand Luke.

That's the only letter any movie-lover needs to know.

Free Goods :)

9:35 AM  
Blogger violetnoir said...

Excellent list! I never quite thought of listing my favorite movies in alphabetical order, and my memory is so bad, I don't think I would be able to do it. But you did, J, and it's a delightful list!

Hugs and love!

1:00 PM  
Blogger Swirl Girl said...

I love some of your movies -- althogh the french ones - not so much. I can barely understand American crap, so I really don't like stretching my intelligence that far. Miss you MP! I have been a terrible blogger as of late. Hope you are well. I like your list, and look forward to the rest. I might try one, but... ??

7:10 PM  

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