Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The stars at night are big and bright..(clap clap clap clap) deep in the heart of Texas

I recently returned from a very fun trip to Texas to see family and friends....and of course for some shopping. We drove due to some things I had to pick up along the way, and the driving part was not fun. Long car rides are not very MonkeyPosh at all . Driving through the Illinois prairie in the middle of the night ...well...it sucks. Please note--in this crazy political climate where almost everything is taken out of context, I AM NOT making a political statement with the above photo. I just took a picture of the Texas sign. That is all.The most important , fun and fabulous thing I did on this trip was go to visit one of my oldest and dearest friends, Steph- or MISS. S -as she goes by on her blog. This is a photo of Miss S , her Dad (I call him Lightnin') and me in the Stockyards of Fort Worth, Texas. Lightnin' was kind enough to drive us all around to see the sights of Fort Worth. We also had a delicious lunch at Cattlemen's Restaurant in the heart of the Stockyards. The food was phenominal, and if you ever make it to Cattlemen's in the Stockyards, ask for Brink as your server--he was a hoot.Typical business sign in the Stockyards. The whole area is very rustic and western and cool. It is also where Chuck Norris used to film scenes for Walker, Texas Ranger in case you were curious....and I know you were.This is my favorite picture of Miss S. She is a beautiful friend with a beautiful soul and I am so happy I got to see her and her Mom and Dad. We had a lovely time.

Also, no trip to Dallas is complete without some shopping. It is the home of Neiman Marcus- to be sure. I grew up in Oklahoma, so when I was a little girl, Dallas was like my New York City. I have since grown up, but Dallas still excites me in a very nostalgic, and familar kind of way. Dallas has some of the best shopping in the South --Neiman Marcus, Saks, Barneys New York --etc.
When I first spotted these Chie Mihara Saigion boots at Neiman Marcus, I had a very "Carrie Bradshaw Hello Lover" kind of moment. If you know me at all, then you know I love shoes and these were love at first sight. To me, these boots look very Parisian and feminine and beautiful. By the way, Andy Choate of the shoe department at the Neiman Marcus in NorthPark Center in Dallas is wonderful. He searched the country to find me a size 8 in these beauties...and he found them. Thanks Andy.

I also got some of the super cute Harajuku Lovers fragrances. The fragrances themselves are not bad, but honestly I got them for the cute bottles. "Baby" is the one pictured and I got it for myself. I got the "Love" one for my cousin Lily because it looks just like her.

I took a trip to Downtown Dallas to the Flagship Neiman Marcus too. It was a treasure trove of fabulous beauty finds. The SA, Amanda -who helped me was a doll and she had the most fabulous (and shocking) lashes on. I loved her.

I got the new Bobbi Brown Shimmering Nudes Palette and I love it. Every color is wearable and beautiful and perfect for Fall, not to mention perfect for a redhead.

I also fell in love with Guerlain Cologne du 68-Matieres Premieres. It is named after the famed address on the Champs -Elysees in Paris, plus it is said to have 68 ingredients that make up the beautiful scent. It is fresh and floral and creamy and wonderful. I have worn it almost every day since I purchased it.
This is the gorgeous Chanel Smokey Eye Quad. I thought I was not going to be able to find this gem, but Chanel always comes through. Rimmel also has a beautiful quad that resembles this one very much if you cannot find the Chanel one. I will post pics of the Rimmel one sometime this week for comparison.

Now that Fall is almost here, I am getting excited about coats and boots and cashmere- however working on Fashion Week stuff almost has me craving Spring again.

September is always such a fun month.

Oh and for you music fans, check out the song "September" by Kalai. It is lovley. I have been a fan of Kalai for a long time. He is very unique and he is from Alaska--but then again, isn't everyone these days?

Have a wonderful day.

(all photos property of MonkeyPosh LLC, www.ChieMihara.com, and www.Sephora.com )


Blogger violetnoir said...

Girl, I was wondering where you were and if you had a great trip. Sounds like you did!

S is beautiful, and I am so happy you spent time with her.

Hugs and love!

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a wonderful trip. Miss S is a doll and whoo hooo on your makeup and fragrance finds. I must get some of the Harajuku Girls.

I love your hair down.

Did you get good Mexican food? I am glad you had a good time.

12:42 PM  
Blogger MISS S said...

I am beside myself (not literally) to just be in your blog! It was very incredible to get to see you and your hubby. Lightnin' is on cloud nine and asking for autographs! He still talks about how much fun he had showing you guys around. You should definitely not be a stranger to Texas, everyone is nice here!! Not to say that other places aren't nice but I noticed in your blog all the nice people that you paid homage too!

You know I am not a huge fashion lover, but I do have say that those boots at Neiman Marcus you showed are too cute!

Thanks again and I will definitely be talking to you soon as I have a lot to share (don't I always)!

12:49 PM  
Blogger Tanya Kristine said...

whoa. i LOVE the eye shadows. i bought a bunch at the fair but they don't stick on yoru skin. hate that.

love the boots too. when i livedin new hampshire i lived right by the Zodiac show factory. now THAT'S a real factory outlet. the shoes were still warm!

1:09 PM  
Blogger Jacki said...

That BB nudes palette is delicious! I was eyeing it the other day but just didn't cave since I had already spent my beauty budget for the day.
It sounds like you hit all the right spots here in Texas! Come back anytime, I'd totally have you over for cookies and tea!

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss Texas and the friendly people and the good times.
I hope you had fun, but you were missed at Fashion Week. I am home now, but the party is still going on.
You and your friend look great.
I love that Chanel eye quad and I must try the new Chanel.
How is school?
How is D?

We must catch up soon.

7:38 AM  

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