Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Three things I am loving now.

Happy Tuesday.  Things around here are in total chaos.  After much thought, planning, saving, and stressing, we are having a total kitchen renovation and it is loud and intrusive and strange.  Everything has been demolished and removed and a wall has been knocked down.   I will be glad when it is over, but sadly it is a long way from being over.  

On to more pleasant things.    I have not blogged about beauty products for a very long time, so since I am sequestered in the basement out of the way of the kitchen mess, I will share 3 things I am enjoying this June.  Please forgive if this does not work as this is my first blog attempt on a MAC.  I have only used Windows my whole life and Macs are way different, so please bear with me.
OK--This Spectrum Coconut Oil is one of my very favorite things in the whole wide world right now.   It is AMAZING.  I constantly use it  on my skin, on my split ends, and even on my cuticles.   I got it at Whole Foods in the oil aisle, along side the olive oils, peanut oils, avocado oils, etc.  It comes in solid form, and soaks right into my skin.  It is so moisturizing without being overly slick and greasy.   I can slather it all over my hands, and still snap my fingers.  If you rub it betwixt your hands it will emulsify and you can put it in your hair.  I cannot rave enough about this multi tasking wonder.   If you have dry skin like me, you will love it.  It also adds a beautiful sheen to your gams while sporting your summer finery. 

Insomnia lends itself to some really bad late night TV.  Sometimes I even watch the occasional infomercial...not often, but every now and then.   One night I became engrossed in a Wen Hair Care infomercial.  I was skeptical (as I always am with infomercials).   I was all.." Lemme get this straight...it is a conditioner that cleans your hair?  It is not a shampoo, but cleans your hair just the same all the while leaving it incredibly soft and supple and Charlie's Angels like?"  WHAT?  So I went to the website and saw all the scents, and everyone knows I am a sucker for things that smell pretty.  They sounded delicious--Fig, Cucumber Aloe, Sweet Almond Mint, Tea Tree, etc.  I ordered the Sweet Almond Mint and the Tea Tree and I have to say,  I LOVE IT.   I have lamented about my hair on this blog a ton--all about my well water and my porous, frizzy hair..blah blah blah.  Seriously the WEN Conditioning Cleanser is wonderful.  Thanks Chaz Dean.  

Lastly, I am all into this little bottle of Ken Paves Color Drops.  Say what you want about Jessica Simpson, but her hair is fabulous.   Always.  The man behind the mane is Ken Paves (who also does Eva Longoria;s hair).  The color drops come in 3 or 4 colors, and of course I use the red one.  You put a few pumps of the color drops into your conditioner (or your WEN conditioning cleanser), mix it in, then distribute throughout your hair.  It just adds a little color enhancement.  Continued use can intensify the color.  I dig it.  I use it 2 or 3 times a week just to spice of the locks.

I hope you are all enjoying your June.  I promise to post the giveaway this week or next week.  
Have a beautiful day.

(photos from www.spectrumorganics.com , www.wenhaircare.com , and www.beauty.com )
Hmmmm..just noticed that typing a www on Mac does not automatically turn it into a link.  Still so much to learn.  Sorry if you click and they do not work.


Blogger Carolyn said...

I am SO glad you are back! Your travel adventures sound fantastic, and thanks for the new product recs! I may have to check out the Coconut Oil and the Wen.

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Jan_in-Nan said...

J-Lo where have you been. I need that coconut oil. I am trying to do green beauty and cut out all the chemicals. This looks perfect for me. Does it smell like coconuts?

6:32 AM  
Blogger violetnoir said...

I am so glad you are back, too, J!

I love this post and all three products, especially the two hair ones, sound fabulous.

It's a happy June indeed with you back on the blog.


10:08 AM  
Anonymous Oppurtunities said...

I love this post and all three products, especially the two hair ones, sound fabulous.

2:01 PM  
Blogger k said...

welcome to macdom!

i loooooooove when you blog about beauty products. you're the 2nd person to mention how great the wen stuff is, so i'm gonna order i think.

11:13 AM  
Blogger Parisjasmal said...

*Hello Carolyn! How are you sweets? I hope you are doing wonderful. The Coconut Oil and the Wen are both great. If you get the Wen, be sure to be liberal on the length of your hair but conservative at the root.
Good to see you !

The Spectrum Coconut Oil is for sure green and healthy and pure. It does not smell like coconuts to me. I get no smell at all--just wonderful moisture. LOVE IT. Hope you are enjoying summer on Nantucket Island. -Jealous-

*Hello Dearest R-
How are you friend? Thanks for always being so kind and wonderful. xo

*Hi Oppurtunities-
Thanks for dropping by. You should for sure give the hair products a try.

*Howdy Karen-
I appreciate your kind words about my posts! I really think you would like the Wen with your gorgeous curls! Like I said to Carolyn above, when you use it, be conservative with the amount at the root, but go wild with the rest of your hair. Divine!

2:14 PM  
Blogger Kac said...

Great blog...looks like your readers are very happy to have you back! I couldn't find your contact info so I figured that I'd go through here. Looks like you've had a very nice couple of weeks!

Was just wondering if you would be interested in doing a Perricone giveaway for your readers. Have you ever heard of us? If so, please email me, alyssa@brandingbrand.com & we'll get started.

Welcome back to blogging!

12:54 PM  
Blogger Swirl Girl said...

You know we don't have a Whole Foods --- big pisser.... and I fell in love with WF when we were in Dallas. WOW. Why do we not have one? We ARE the fattest city in the nation. Or at least in the top 5! Apparently, country folk do not appreciate natural, organic, or preservative-free. Damn the okies. However... Tulsa has one. Go figure.

4:24 PM  

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