Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bitchin' about my kitchen

Hello All-

I know I have been promising to get a  give-away under-way, but I am slightly over-whelmed.  I mentioned in previous posts that we are having our kitchen redone.  This is WEEK 4 with no kitchen (nor bathroom on the main floor as we are having it redone too).  I cook a lot and I guess I did not realize just how much time I spend in the kitchen.  Not having a kitchen is really messing with my mind and making me feel displaced in my own home.   Also, having workmen in the house all day every day WAY awkward and strange too. 

Here is a little update on the mess so far:
This is what the kitchen looked like before-empty.  I had already taken down all my decor when this photo was taken.  

This is what it looked like about 48 hours later.  EVERYTHING gone...including the wall!  We seriously considered just putting in a glass wall for about 10 minutes.  The view was beautiful! New wall,  new window, subflooring......
New tile.  Progress.  I finally feel like we are on the home stretch. 
Partial cabinet installation.  

Another photo of the cabinets with the floor and the paint.  The island is to be delivered today.  It is going to be antiqued black.   I cannot wait for all this to be  done so I can cook a big pot of chile...on a real stove.    I am not sure I will be in any hurry for any new home renovations any time soon, but you know, I would sure like some new tile in my bathroom.  I think this home renovation stuff could be addictive. 

I promise to post the give away before the end of this week.  Stay tuned.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


7:12 AM  
Blogger violetnoir said...

Looks like you don't have much more bitchin' to do, babe. You are almost there! It looks beautiful!


8:57 AM  
Anonymous Jan_in_nan said...

Jen, I had no idea your redo was such a huge redo. My gosh. Walls torn down, and new floors and such. I may employ your advice on future products. Hope it is done soon so you can get back to normal.


6:28 AM  
Blogger Jamie said...

That is a renovation, if I ever saw one! Make no small plans, right? Isn't that what Daniel Burnham said?


10:09 AM  
Blogger Swirl Girl said...

...that IS a major remodel. :) Are you going nutso? The cabinets are gorgeous. I love the floor too. I have severe kitchen envy.

8:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must know what color paint that is and who makes it, it's gorgeous! I can't even believe how different the kitchen looks, great choices. I can't wait to see the island, hopefully it's done and your chili was fabulous! You are a lucky, lucky girl!


3:32 AM  
Blogger Denise @ Life on Stepping Stone Lane said...

Hi Jen!! I heard the Magic Bus song yesterday in some random location and it made me think of you!! The kitchen is looking beautiful! I miss ya, friend, hope all is well!!

Hugs from Oklahoma,


5:17 AM  
Blogger Parisjasmal said...


*Dear R-Thanks for the kind words. I got your e-mail today. So glad you are home and that the trip to India may be a success!

*Jan- Yes huge redo. It is almost done now, just waiting on backsplash and paint and a few finishing touches.

*Jamie-Yes Burnham--so wise. You can come lick my floor any day-but let me know first so I can make sure they are clean! Thanks! xo

*Swirly- Hello Love. Yes I am totally nutso....but I did not have far to go. Miss you girl! xo

*Hi CArly- Thanks for your kind words. I believe the paint is called Poplar. It is a RL color.

*MEESIE MEESIE MEESIE!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so shocked and surprised to see you here. I checked out your blog and I love it. I hope to get back on the blogging train and I will most def be checking on yours. HA!!! After you heard MAGIC BUS did you promptly go find someone's bathtub to dye your hair in???? HA I miss you friend. Next time I hit OKC we MUST have a Shaggy Dog and dinner! Big hug to you!! xoxoxo

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Andrea said...


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