Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Folks that make Monkey smile--Anthony Bourdain.

Anthony Bourdain makes me laugh. Hard. I always kinda knew who he was, and had heard his name becasue he was a chef....however I had no idea how funny, irreverent, and smart he actually is. He is a great author and has written many books, plus he is a contributer to the New York Times.

I started watching him on Anthony Bourdain No Reservations (which can be seen on The Travel Channel at 9pm on Mondays). He is irreverant, crass, honest, and hilarious. He travels all over the world with the motto "Be a traveler, not a tourist". Every week he has a quirky guide and they go out and get a little drunk and Anthony finds a way to passive aggressively make fun of something. He always looks hung over, wearing his Levi 501s, and trying to keep his cigarette out of camerashot. It cracks me up.
There is a disclaimer that comes on after every commercial that says some of the content is not suitable for all audiences. A PG 13 rating on the Travel Channel. That cracks me up too.

I wish Anthony Bourdain was my neighbor. He would have such interesting stories, he is funny, and he also seems like a very kind man. He would be a blast to go have a beer with. Oh and he is really cute too!

Watch his show and read his books.
Thanks Anthony for making me laugh, and teaching me something in the process!


Blogger Curley's Mobile DJ Services said...

I didn't know that Anthony Bourdain did one of his shows from Arkansas with my family? That is my cousin Rusty and he killed that Boar with his .44 magnum from 30 feet away. Good eatin!!! We used the legs to make a coffee table. Boar Fries are great! If you don't know what Boar Fries are--just think of Rocky Mountain Oysters. One in the same just from a Bull.

9:35 PM  
Blogger Tania said...

Hi there, Monkey lady. I freaking love Anthony Bourdain. I read Kitchen Confidential and tried to get everyone in the universe to read it too.

That said, I have never eaten at his restaurant, Les Halles, and I pass it every morning on my way from the subway to my office.

Because I am lame. I need to fix that, soon.

11:08 AM  
Blogger Parisjasmal said...

Hey Curtis,

How are you? You are so funny! Your cousin Rusty!! That pic was actually shot in New Zealand. By the way I have never seen a table made out of boars legs. How freakin fabulous!!!!!!
You need to post more on your blog Mister Sister!

Hello T -author extraordinaire,

Hooray! Another Tony Bourdain fan. Does he ever actually work at Les Halles anymore? I would love to go there and get to see him.
I will read Kitchen Confidential. I downloaded A Chef's Kitchen on the I-pod. I was delighted that Anthony reads his own boosk on I-tunes. A lot of authors have random folks do their readings.
Next time I am in NYC I will for sure check out Les Halles. There are 2 locales in NYC, no? Does one have a better rep than the other? If you eat there, please give me a review.

I hope you are doing well. I so enjoy your novella. I cannot wait to shope and chow with you again. Maybe after the holidays I can sojourn to NYC and we can hang again. Have you sniffed Carnal Flowers yet?
I hope you and Will are doing great!
Happy Holidays to you gorgeous T!

8:11 AM  
Blogger Parisjasmal said...

Sorry---in previous post I meant to say A Chef's Christmas--not Kitchen. I had Kitchen Confidential in my head.

I also meant to say SHOP instead of shope.


8:18 AM  
Blogger BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Hey they Ms. Monkeyposh!

I have not heard of Anthony Bourdain, but he does look cute from that picture. Now can he really cook? I bet he can. We can ask him to make some special meals for the special 'men' in our lives, our four legged ones. Astro will come as a pirate and Nikki can come in drag as a salon hostess.

I am sure whoever is reading this wonders what I am taking about, but PJ and I both LOVE our doggies!

12:33 PM  
Blogger Parisjasmal said...

After our conversation yesterday I kept seeing Astro as a pirate with a peg leg and a pirate hat with a skull and crossbones. HA!!!!
Astro is the MAN!! And Nicki as a Salon hostess---that is priceless. We will have to go to Sephora and get him some fake lashes!

I think Anthony Bourdain can really (ahem) cook! From what I understand he is world famous for his culinary skills.
I am sure he could make something for our glutton dogs!

xoxo to you Dearest B!

1:23 PM  
Blogger katiedid said...

Oh I saw this interview with him on Charlie Rose's show, and he was such a charming bastard. In his case, I mean bastard as a compliment. He seems one of those folks who's blunt out of a sense of honestly rather than brutality. And funny. God, is he funny.

2:30 PM  
Blogger Parisjasmal said...

Hello Katie.

That is the *perfect* word for Mr. Bourdain. I am almost positive he would find it flattering. Have you read Kitchen Confidential? Very good--especially to someone (such as myself) who has worked at a few restaurants in my time.

Happy Holidays!

6:39 AM  

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