Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ahhhhh Can't you just smell the summer?

Delicious. Warm. Beachy. Suntan in a bottle. I love it! Fire Island the newest addition to the ever growing Bond No. 9 line is one of my favorite Bonds thus far. The description according to Bond is --the smell of skin in the sun. totally smells like the tropical aromas of yummy suntan oil that I wish I were wearing in St. Tropez right about now.
This scent is beyond lovely. It sort of reminds me of Bobbi Brown Beach...but Fire Island has more depth and warmth. It is going to be one of my summer scent staples.
If you are in or around Chicago, go to Saks and ask for Sherri. She is the "Bond Girl" there. She is beautiful and nice...and girl knows her stuff. By the way....Fire Island smells delicious layered with the Estee Lauder Tom Ford Azuree Oil I blogged about earlier.

Philosophy Shear Splendor Shampoo. Ok, I must admit I bought this product at the beginning of the summer for the smell alone. It smells just like lemon poppyseed muffins. Seriously. Thank God it works as good as it smells. It is made for "Dull or chemically dry hair". I am a sucker for smells and fragrance. Sometimes that has backfired on me, because I will buy something for smell alone, then the products do not work well. I liked the Shear Splendor Shampoo so much I bought the Shear Splendor Restoritive Conditioner too. I have not used the conditioner yet, but the smell is just as yummy as the shampoo. Delicious!

Photo of Fire Island from . Photos of Shear Splendor from .

Have a lovely day.


Blogger priscilla said...

I just got a sample of Fire Island a week ago. I tried it on immediately--it smells just like summer!

Hope you're having a happy Monday. :)

3:39 PM  
Blogger katiedid said...

I was not so keen on the sheer splendor stuff, but you are so right about the smell. Just wonderful, and it's what got me to try it, too. THe conditioner isn't bad at all, just not my fave. You know how that goes! But still, I think you'll like it... Philosophy makes a really great hair serum, too, and that one is a staple product for me.

10:54 PM  

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