Sunday, July 02, 2006

An ode to lovely bath and body oils

I love baths and bath and body oils. I love how it makes skin feel soft and supple and it gives a lovely sheen.

Some of my favorites are:

Les Baines du Marais. This line comes from Paris, and is done in a Moroccan style. Truly unique. It comes in Fleurs d' Oranger, Jasmine and Musc Blanc and Rose Confiture. It is very beautiful, very fragrant, and very emollient. You can find it at or .
Another beautiful oil is Ligne St. Barth Coconut Oil. It is a little thicker and creamier than regular oil , and it gives great moisture to the skin. It smells like the warm breezes in the Caribbean --swoon! This gem is available at .
Tom Ford for Estee Lauder Azuree The Body Oil Spray. This is divine and I wish Estee Lauder would listen to the cries of many of my fragrance friends who long to have this in a perfume. The notes are listed as : Tahitian Gardenia Petals, Coconut, and Orange Blossoms are warmed with Vetiver, Sandalwood, and Myrrh. This really is as good as it sounds. It is on backorder just about everywhere but and both carry it. You may have to wait though. The old faithful! Neutrogena Sesame Body Oil. This is a classic, tried and true. This one has been around forever and is still a favorite of mine. It can be found at just about any drugstore or at .
I love Chanel Oils. They are such high quality and they smell so divine. In the summer months I will wear Chanel oils in lieu of the parfums because the oils are so fragrant and they work beautiful in warmer weather. You can find chanel oils at or .

Blogger will not let me post a graphic here of the lovely Carol's Daughter oil. GRRRRRR!
**************so just pretend it is here please****** it is in a tall bottle with floral floating around inside. It is truly lovely.************ Commence reading now*****just kidding! ****

I am in love with this new line of bath, body and hair delights. The Carol's Daughter line was started in a kitchen in Brooklyn by Lisa Price about 10 years ago. She got a celebrity cult following who put the word out and now everyone is in love with this awesome line . There is a litany of products for hairl, body, bath etc., and they come in the most delicious scents. Black Vanilla is my favorite this week. Other scents include Groove, Almond Cookie, Ectasy, Ocean and Mango Melange. You can try out these great and fun products at . Oh and try her Love Butter. It is super for dry skin.

Jo Wood organics has been around in Europe for a while and I am so happy it has made it across the pond. This line is totally organic and totally wonderful. Jo Wood insists on all organic ingredients. Jo is married to Ronnie of the Rolling Stones so she is incredibly cool too! I have her bath line in Amka and it is so lovely. You can find info on her line and her products at and .
Jo Malone---ahhhhh. I love this woman, and I love her products. I have always been a fan of all things Jo Malone. Her bath oils are delicious. I also use these in lieu of her parfums in the summer months. French Lime Blossom and Lime Basil Mandarin are 2 of my favorite scents. For a bit more spicier scent I love Nutmeg Ginger or her unisex scent simply called 154. You can find the whole line of Jo Malone's products at or . Last but certainly not least is the classic Youth Dew Bath Oil by Estee Lauder. To be honest, I have never been in love with Youth Dew Parfum. I find it to be too heavy for me, but I adore the classic Youth Dew Bath Oil. This little beauty can be found at or .
*Note this is the classic Youth Dew and not Youth Dew Amber Nude.


Blogger WinterWheat said...

Thanks for the recs, J! If you're ever in the mood for some serious moisturizing without scent (so it won't interfere with any perfume you'll be applying), I recommend Trillium Organics salt scrub (I think they call it "body polish") in Unfragranced. They have good natural fragrances too. I think their website is

12:37 PM  
Blogger priscilla said...

Great post! I'm intrigued by the Chanel oils.

Have a lovely 4th!

7:10 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

I've been crazy at work and am just now catching up on my blog reading. Love this post! I adore bath/body oils and now need to try every one you mentioned. I already own and love Les Bains du Marais Musc Blanc oil, and have coveted Chanel n. 5 oil for awhile now. Am intrigued by the Youth Dew oil. Thanks for the recs!

1:32 PM  

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