Friday, October 20, 2006

Lovely Links! Give 'em a click.

Click here : for an all new way to shop on line. FASHMATCH is a website where you can pick very cool outfits. You get to be the outfit designer. There is a wide variety of clothes, shoes and accessories. Their inventory of choices continues to grow all the time. It is a fun place to play with the choices and find some great styles. Check it out.

Click here: to see one of my previous posts in Korean--or I am pretty sure it is Korean. I usually do not think it is any big deal when someone credits my blog or uses my ideas, but to see my post in Asian characters is very cool indeed. I do not know the lovely girl in the photo. I am sure she is showing her own nude lips as my original post was about my search for the perfect nude lipsticks, glosses and liners. Just scroll down from her picture and you can see the link to MonkeyPosh and see my post in Korean. Come on it'll be educational! I am very easily entertained.

Click here : to see an awesome display of humor used to help animals that need homes. Chris (along with his sidekick Colty) use their humor to help animals in local California shelters find families to love them. Chris profiles adorable animals and sometimes has a cuteness showdown (known as a "cutedown") between certain Hollywood celebs and said animals. What genius to use your humor to help animals. There is nothing on this earth I love more than comedy or animals. Plus Chris is totally cute and totally hilarious!
Give Chris a click and a shout out. He needs some props for what he is doing.

Have a lovely day.

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Blogger melanie said...

Awww. A guy promoting a 3-legged dog running at the park is a very good thing. I hope the pup wins the cutedown :^D

10:24 PM  

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