Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Grecian Fashion

I knew when I first arrived in Athens and I saw the Greek versions of Lucky and InStyle that I was in for a great trip. I love European magazines, and it is all I can do sometimes to find the British version of InStyle--but the GREEK VERSION--be still my heart. I could not read one single word, but I was in heaven perusing the pages of beautiful Greek models in their beautiful Greek fashions. The photo above is just a cool perfume store ad in the Greek Lucky. I thought it was very unique.

The most stylish department store in Athens is Attica. Attica is huge and rivals any department store in NYC. The styles and name brands are awesome. Wranglers (yes the hokey jeans all the farmers wore in Oklahoma) are making a fashion splash in Asia and Europe. They are HUGE. They were selling for about 200.00 Euros which is about 230.00 US dollars. Also L'Oreal makeup is sold at the mall there. It is very high end as opposed to it being drugstore makeup here in the US. There was a wide variety of L'Oreal makeup there that is unique and different. I love L'Oreal and I love all things new and different so I totally stocked up.

During the day in Greece, the color on the streets was all white. EVERYONE (men and women) wore white Tods drivers (or look alikes) and everyone wore white linen pants and gauzy linen shirts. The photo above is blurry and taken from a cab, but very indicitive of the everyday out and about outfits in Athens. The all white looks very cool and very Euro. Athens is quite busy and crowded and dirty--so I would love to know their secret for keeping their white clothes so clean. I would be filthy in 10 minutes if I wore all white all day long.
The other constant fashion was the Miss Sixty Jeans. Especially with the younger, hipster crowd. Miss Sixty was everywhere with the young girls. I have always loved Miss Sixty....and the styles in Greece are way cooler than what I can find in Chicago.
While in Athens, I became obsessed with the dresses in the window of the Penelope Zagoras Boutique. Her dresses are so beautiful. To me they looked like works of art, and I swear if I were not already married I would pick the dress below as my wedding dress. At night when we would walk by and it was all lit up in the window against the dark of the store, it was truly breathtaking.

This is another dress by Penelope Zagoras. I wonder if she would do these in a color other than white. I would bet in another color they would be gorgeous and not so bridal. Her other dresses were beautiful too....but the presentations in her windows seriously took my breath away.
All in all, the Greeks are beautiful and fit and stylish. The Greek Islands have a totally different style than the mainland. I will talk more about the Islands in my next post.

Have a lovely day!

Photos from Nordstrom and MonkeyPosh LLC.


Blogger melanie said...

Great post, Peej! Those dresses are gorgeous. It is funny that you saw saw many of the Greeks wearing white. I thought that was just in the movies. I'd like to know their secret for keeping their whites white, too. When I was in Paris, I wore a white t-shirt under a black pantsuit, and by the end of the day (and I had been waling all day long), there was a V of soot on the front of my shirt from the pollution. I ended up throwing the t away because I didn't want to pack it. I haven't been back either. I want my air to be clean regardless of whether I am on a vacation or not.

That is funny that Wranglers are sweeping Europe. Maybe they will be the new red tab Levis. Or maybe they are hillbilly chic like your "I can't drive 55" belt buckle. *sass*

3:18 PM  
Blogger Parisjasmal said...


ROFL--you thought it was just in the movies! I cannot believe about your white shirt in Paris. That is crazy!

Too funny for you to sass me about my flea market belt buckle!
I am so buying you Wranglers for Christmas! Wrangler butts drive boys nuts--*SASS*

1:19 PM  
Blogger TessaJ said...

Great post. I love those dresses in the window, too. And I love fashion magazines in Europe; I always try and save room for a few in my suitcase.

11:34 AM  
Blogger jennipah said...

jen - it looks like a fab trip! i've been so busy i haven't had time to post or read much, but i'm back now. :) you make me want to travel. thank you for sharing your most posh finds!

6:53 PM  
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