Thursday, November 02, 2006

New York! Elizabeth Street and Project Runway Fun

I had a wonderful time this past weekend in New York City. I got to meet up with friends, family, fellow Okies at Bergdorf Goodman, and a few surprises.
In the largest city in the country, I just happened to run into a fellow fragrance buddy named T-bone. I was in the middle of Old Home Week at the Jar Fragrance Area and T-bone popped in to make fun, talk fragrance and see the pony tail. What are the chances???

I also ate at some wonderful restaurants on my trip.
I will expound on all that later.

Saturday I got POURED ON becasue it was RAINING CATS AND DOGS--but I met my friend Felish at Saks. It was so good to see her and she looks FAB by the way. I felt a little out of sorts because I was soaking wet from walking in the rain , and we were being accosted by the AGGRESSIVE and OBNOXIOUS sales associates at Saks. I was somewhat distracted to say the least. Everytime we turned around someone else was yelling at us to try a face cream or a fragrance. The Donna Karan Gold people drove me to drink hard liquor--I kid you not. The highlight of Saks was a kiss from our sweet John Henry. We love you John Henry!
Felish and I finally broke free from the cat calls at Saks and headed to Le Labo on Elizabeth. I purchased their (exclusive to NYC) Tubereuse the day before at the Barney's location, but I wanted to see the original Le Labo Lab on Elizabeth Street. I will post about my fragrance finds at another time.

I was not thinking about anything except Le Labo and PRAYING it would not start pouring again when I look up and the clouds part, the sun starts shining and what do I see like a rainbow with little sprites playing fiddles? EMC2 by Emmett McCarthy (former Project Runway contestant)!!!!! EMC2 is his awesome new store in SoHo. I had totally forgotten it was on Elizabeth Street. Well, being the Project Runway fan that I am, I start acting like a damn fool and Felish is like WHO? WHAT? WHERE? I tried to explain, but you really cannot explain the Project Runway--You have to LIVE the Project Runway (or go to FourFour).

So Felish and I try stuff on and Emmett is there and he is cool as hell and we talked and talked. Felish tried on this dress that was so beautiful it made me weep. Emmett was all freaking out on her figure--Yes I am telling the world that Emmett McCarthy was gushing about my friend's tall, lithe, lovely figure.
I got a shirt made by my sweet Nick Verreos also from the second season of Project Runway. It is an awesome piece of clothing. I will post pics of that tomorrow.

Of course before I left I had to get a photo with Emmett. He graciously took a photo with me.
It was a great time and as I said above, Emmett is a lovley man! So tall and so suave and so talented. His clothes are beautiful.

The afternoon was topped off by fragrances at Le Labo, vintage shopping at Ina's, Diet Pepsi from the deli, Chanel and men with fake lashes at Bloomingdales SoHo, and a wonderful dinner (and wine and hot chocolate) at Balthazar with Felish and her husband Phil.

Thanks to Felish and Phil and Emmett for a wonderful New York day!

Please forgive my hair in the photo--but I got SOAKED and I refused to put my hair in a ponytail. Any of you who know Felish will know why.

Have a beautiful day!


Blogger melanie said...

I cannot wait to see a picture of the Nick shirt that you bought. Which former contestants have clothing for sale in Emmett's store besides E, Nick, and Chloe Dao? I cannot believe how tall he is either. Did you tell him he looked really hot in the mock turtleneck bright pink skater uniform? Ha ha ha. I am glad he is doing well. It's a shame you didn't run into my Tim Gunn while you were there.

Also, did you notice that Chef C must be reading our comments? He had a blue CHEF uniform on yesterday to match his eyes. Down with the typical white ensemble! He was stylin'.

10:31 AM  
Blogger Parisjasmal said...

Hi M-

The Nick Shirt is in 2 parts---very very very cool shirt. I love it.
HA HA HA about Emmett in his skating uniform. That is hilarious. I did not mention it, but now that you mention it I am cracking up. SASHA COHEN!

Kara Janx has clothes there too. Emmett was telling me to hang out because Kara was supposed to stop by a little later. If I had time I may have hung--but I was on a tight schedule. Emmett was cool.
Felish thought I was a crazy groupie. She has no idea about PR.

Chef C is HOT! I cannot believe Randy Quaid said he was gonna have a smack down with him. Chef C would so kick his ass. Oh and the Sam guy--totally hot--but not like Ashton Kutcher.
What do you think of Betty?
I like Padma.

1:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks like a fab trip! i really, really think you bought the nick shirt i had my eye on. it was WAY packed the day i went (with tim gunn and other designers there), so i couldn't wait around in line to buy a darn thing. post the pic, post the pic!!! :) hope you have a great weekend - it's getting cold for this cali girl. what the heck is this whole deal with seasons? ha~!

9:43 AM  

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