Monday, October 29, 2007

Beauty Product Challenge! Armani Crema Nera

Happy Monday!
Today starts a challenge to blog about a beauty product you love every day for 7 days. My very cultured and beauty loving friend Pat at her blog: DOODAD KIND OF TOWN is joining in the fun and so is the hilarious and foxy man loving - Karen here :KAREN'S BEING BOSSY.
I have been witness to Pat's love of beauty....if you get a chance, ask her about her Joan Crawford makeover at the MAC counter one day. Those brows still haunt me! Love ya Pat!

Today I am going to rave about the new and uber posh Giorgio Armani Crema Nera. I got a sample of this product while in Europe as they had it before we did in the United States. . ACK--Samples are sometimes the death of me. If I would just never accept samples, then I would not fall in love with half the stuff I fall in love with every week hence my money and my husband would be much happier.

I had read all the reviews on the Crema Nera from Italian and French magazine beauty editors. They all assured me that it was divine beyond belief. Better than it's other high end counterparts, nay competition. I will not name brands---I am sure you can *cough-La Mer-cough* figure it out *cough- Cle de Peau-cough* on your own.

Since it was so raved about in Europe, as soon as I got home I purchased it from Saks in Chicago. I am very happy that I did.

It lives up to the hype--and more--in my humble opinion.

I have been known to poo poo fashion designers attempts at makeup and skin care. Please do not get me started on the Diane Von Furstenberg line of makeup and skincare. I love Diane, but her makeup line was a short lived little endeavor that I shan't (or is it sha'nt?) get into right now. Stick to the no fail dress, Diane.

But back to Armani--his line of makeup and skincare has been nothing less than wonderful. I love all his makeup, even the nail polishes--which says a lot. Armani always have the best new makeup colors for every season.

The Crema Nera is indulgent, creamy, emollient and melts into the skin like a dream. Not too greasy or heavy (which the La Mer can be in my humble opinion). Because of my fair skin, I only wear it in the evening or as a night cream, as it contains no sunscreen. I am excited to use it this winter in my very cold climate. All in all, I would rate it a 9. Not a 10 because they do not have an option with sunscreen...but hey, it is a brand new product. They may come out with a sunscreen version soon.

By the way--Stephanie at the Armani counter at Saks in Chicago is fabulous! Thanks for all the restaurant suggestions while I was in Italy Stephanie!

Have a beautiful day!

(photo from Armani website)


Blogger Pia said...

Hi,how are you ParisJ?
The Armani skin care line sounds wonderful! My husband and I are going up to NYC next week for my birthday and I will make sure to visit Saks and get a sample of the Armani Crema Nera. Being Italian I have to try this of course! Good to know it's not greasy at all. Thank you for the rec.,I definately need a new skin cream for the winter too. As for the sunscreen,I myself use Bare Escentuals mineral makeup that has an spf of 15,so I rarely use sunscreen on it's own unless I am spending the day at the beach.Have you ever tried Bare Minerals? I have tried other brands but for me it's the best. What foundation if any do you use? Your skin always looks so natural and fresh.
Take care,have a great week and I hope your your cute dogs are doing well,are they behaving,lol?

10:08 AM  
Blogger BarbaraFromCalifornia said...


A woman true to her word. I love it!

It was great to talk with you yesterday, and I am so happy that you are enjoying your new Armani cream.

10:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this cream. I also got some Europe. In Zurich to be exact. It is emollient like you say, very indulgent.

I loathe that the prices are so high but all thing worth having have a price.

I love your skin--so if you use this, then I am sure I will love it.

Cheery Day Lady.

3:37 PM  
Blogger k said...

i am so awful that i missed this!!!!! i was out of town during the first few days, then my computer crashed, and then i had some serious volunteer work at my church. i'm just now catching up on the blogs i love to read so much.
please don't hate me. i will enjoy reading your posts- you know i'm always up for beauty product chat.
hope your holiday season is going smashingly!

1:09 AM  

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