Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thanks Tracy, Space NK, and Monkey Nail Dryer.

Today is hump day and I am feeling the I am on the bottom of the hump and trying to get myself over. I have not been sleeping well lately and sleepless nights make for very long and trying days. One bright spot in my week was that a nice blogger named Tracy at : TRACY's SIMPLE LIFE nominated me for a Nice Matters award. According to Tracy's blog , the Nice Matters Award is to honor nice people who inspire good feelings and those who are a positive influence on the blogging world. WOW--someone thinks I am nice. That makes me happy. Once you have been honored, you are challenged to honor 7 more nice bloggers--I am short on time, so I will honor 5 fellow bloggers. Please note that I love all my friend's blogs and these 5 are only a sample of blogs I would love to nominate. Here they are in no particular order:

SWIRL FAMILY-CHRISTA --Christa has been my friend forever, and has always been one of the funniest and nicest people I know. She blogs about her gorgeous family and their various happenings and sometimes their mishaps. She never fails to make me chuckle! Love you Christa!

What's In My DASH -MISS S. --Miss S. and I have been friends forever also. Miss S. writes a blog about living with the neuro muscular disease, Fredrichs Ataxia. Her blog is an autiobiography about her life --childhood, diagnosis, teen years and into adulthood. Miss S. is a very kind and spiritual gal and I cherish our friendship and our 2 hour phone calls! Love you Girl!

LAST PARISIAN COWBOY --I nominate this guy because he makes me laugh and he is a WEALTH of information about Paris. I happen to love Paris, so I love his blog. He has a very witty and irreverent way of writing that I love. Some may say he is not necessarily positive, but when I need a Parisian fix, his blog comes on my screen and it is positive indeed--at least to me.

KAREN'S BEING BOSSY --I am not sure how Karen and I found each other's blog, but I am so happy we did. Karen posts tons of pictures of her gorgeous child and she has the coolest taste in music. She updates her list of fave music of the moment on her blog regularly. Such cool and ecclectic taste! She also has a FOX icon on the right side of her blog with the word FOXY by it. Click the link for a plethora of eye candy. Karen has great taste in men and the random cute guys she throws in totally makes me laugh! Glad I found your blog Karen!

THIS JUST IN --I found this blog through Fightin' Mad Mary's blog ( see post below for her link). GNight Girl is the author of this blog and she is working on something called TOYS FOR TROOPS . Click the link to find out how you can send toys to our soldiers serving our country for them to distribute to the children in their areas. What a simple yet profound way to spread goodwill. Can you imagine how scared the children in those countries are? Gnight Girl is for sure using her blog to help the world. Please click her links to find out how you can too. Oh and you can also send care packages to the troops. Things they need that we totally take for granted. Check out her blog and be inspired!

In other news, one of my favorite Notting Hill beauty stores , SPACE NK has opened up it's first US location in Soho in New York City. It is located right between Prince and Green Street. If you cannot make it to Soho then you can order from their awesome website here: SPACE NK . They carry a wide variety of niche and hard to find beauty products. Give them a try.

I also found this oh so MonkeyPosh nail polish dryer at 8TY8 BEAUTY . It is just hilarious. I love it. Seeing something this cute, totally makes my hump day better. 8ty8 beauty carries tons of things for the nail polish obsessed fashionista. I LOVE nail polish so I visit 8ty8 frequently to check on the latest trends and the latest releases from the major nail polish companies.

Here is hoping everyone has a great hump day!


Blogger Swirl Girl said...

awww... shucks. I loveth you too. You are the SuperCool Posh Spice to my Laundry Mommy Spice. How would I know what is stylish without you?

3:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love space nk too. When I lived in London, it was the best place to look for Madonna. She shopped at the Notting Hill location a lot. There are a few locations in London.
And the monkey nail polish dryer is so funny and cute. You always find the coolest things.

Oh and my coworker was looking up something on Owen Wilson and all his "troubles" and your blog was one of the first ones on Google that came up. I was like ha ha I know her. They think you are strange. I kid I kid.
By the way this is T from boston.

5:50 AM  
Blogger k said...

thanks for the shout out!!!!! wow! i was not expecting that! you're awesome. gonna check out the other ones you mentioned, cause obviously you have awesome taste!

11:08 PM  

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