Thursday, January 31, 2008

Food and Drink and Prada

This has been a fun week.

Remember the Prada Fragrance give away contest I had a while ago? Well, Jamie over at PARALLEL FIRST was the winner, and this week I actually got to meet her to hand over the prize. It is so neat and sometimes strange to get to meet another blogger--someone that you have only known through blogging. Jamie is just as she seems to be on her blog: smart, vivacious, HILARIOUS, pretty, ETC. She is seriously hilarious. I know she is funny on her blog, but in person she made me cry with laughter. As I told her, I do believe she holds back on her blog. If you are ever out with Jamie drinking (it could happen), please get her to tell you the story of her and her boyfriend riding in a rickshaw in Milwauke at Summer Fest. First she was in a rickshaw...then as the story goes along, she says it was really more like a poor college student under the bridge put together a picnic basket and a wheel barrow to make a "rickshaw" just to get a few bucks from drunk SummerFest patrons. Picnic basket and a wheel barrow--I laughed till I peed. I found Jamie's blog through JONNKIER'S BLOG. Jonniker once helped out a friend of mine in need--and for that I am forever thankful to her.
Here we are after I bothered some lone drinking boy to take our picture. I think Jamie was mortifed...I think we made his day. Jamie seriously has the prettiest skin I have ever seen close up. We visited for 3 hours and never once could I find a pore on her face. Jamie, I need to know your skin care regimen and sunscreen. She also brought me some candy to take home, so my husband loves her now. I had a great time with Jamie, and I hope we can meet up again to talk bangs, travel, men, our dogs, and rickshaws.

Thanks Jamie!!

Next week I hope to post about my new love for Killian and Divine fragrances that I got in New York.

My friend Pat at DOODAD KIND OF TOWN and I had a day of shopping and eating in Chicago on Saturday. We ate at TABLE 52 which is owned by Oprah's former chef, Art Smith. It was good. I plan to write a review of that later.

This weekend I am on the road for research, work, and fun.

Beautiful day to all.

(photos property of MonkeyPosh LLC)


Blogger Jamie said...

Note to all: At the time that photo was taken, I had seriously cried (with laughter) all of my eye makeup off. For reals. I do actually have eyebrows and eyelashes, they're just pale. I'm a redhead, what can I say? :)

6:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great photo of both you and Jamie. I love both of yours hair. Simply stunning!

Have a great weekend, darling!


9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh ya'll are cute. You look bald though. Did you have your hair all pulled back?
Jen has freakishly dark eyebrows for a redhead. Bald with freakishly dark eyebrows, now there's a good look.
Just kidding.
Looks like a nice time.
Jamie's hair color is beautiful and I can just see her in a makeshift rickshaw cruising Wisconsin. Awesome.
Have fun on your travels.

11:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll say to you what I said to Jamie -- I have wanted to meet you FOR YEARS. And it's not FAIR that you got to meet each other first! NOT FAIR!

You're gorgeous, as you always are, and I can't say it enough: I am jealous, just GREEN with envy.

6:41 PM  
Blogger Pia said...

How cool that you and Jamie met and had such fun together. You pretty gals look great! I hope you get together again soon.

Jamie, your eyes look pretty from laughing. How are you liking the Prada Iris fragrance?

Jen, I can't wait to read about your new fragrances, Killian and Devine. I have tried the Devine, and yes, it is. Enjoy!

6:36 PM  

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