Friday, September 09, 2005

Folks That Make a Monkey Smile -Premier

Anyone who knows me at all, knows I love Jeremy Piven. I have always loved Jeremy Piven. I have loved him since he was in "Lucas". Remember "Lucas" where all those mean kids called Corey Haim Leukoplakia (or whatever that was) and Charlie Sheen did not look like an old burn out? Jeremy Piven was in that movie. I also loved Jeremy Piven when he played Spencer on the Ellen show. He was so funny. Remember the show "Cupid"? It was a strange format, but every once in a while J-Piv would be on in a tank top--so made the weird storylines worth it! Wasn't he tough in "Chasing Liberty"? He chased her ass all over Europe. He was not playing with Mandy Moore. He has been in other movies along the way, but usually he is just John Cusack's sidekick. There are a few movies that J-Piv is in where it seems that the movie studio came to John Cusack and offered him a movie and John Cusack was like Weeeeelll Ok, but you must give a part to my short Jewish buddy and my not very cute sister. For that, John Cusack--I am forever grateful.

The other day I was at lunch with a friend and for some reason I just happened to mention J-Piv. I don't remember why I just happened to mention him, but I am sure it was totally relevant to the conversation-HA. I mentioned I thought he was so cute and my friend says "Oh I think he is so cute too, NOW ". I was like "Why NOW ?". She proceeds to tell me that she now loves him because of Entourage. Freakin ENTOURAGE? Were you blind before Entourage came on? COULD YOU NOT SEE THE HOTNESS PRIOR TO ENTOURAGE? Did you not own a television prior to Entourage? What are you? AMISH?

So to all you Jeremy Piven Entourage Bandwagoners--You are a bunch of freakin posers. All of you. You are the same crowd who had NO IDEA that Sarah Jessica Parker had a full resume before Sex In The City. Shame on you.

And Um, Jeremy if you are reading this----I have ALWAYS loved you . I loved you when I lived in Oklahoma and had no idea I was moving to Chicago and would be able to drive by your Streeterville apartment. Seriously. I loved you when I had no idea your family owned an acting school in Evanston that I could enroll in just in the hopes that you may be there someday. I had no idea that I could read in Chicago Magazine about bars where you hang out and then go get waitress jobs there in the hopes I could serve you beer. I loved you before I knew any of that Jeremy--REALLY!
Just kidding, I am happily married, and I have NEVER taken a class at the Piven Theater Workshop. Nor have I ever driven through Streetervile, nor have I ever had a waitressing job in the state of Illinois.

Long story short------Jeremy Piven, whether you are Cusack's obituary writing buddy in a movie, or hot shot agent Ari Gold on Entourage you make this Monkey smile!
PLUS--I think he kinda looks like my one of my other great loves--TOM FORD!


Blogger Sand said...

I didn't know he was in Lucas! I loved that movie as a kid! I love me some Priven but I'll leave him for you!

8:36 AM  
Blogger Jonniker said...

I have always loved Jeremy Piven, well before Entourage. I'm with you JiggityJasmal.

5:29 AM  
Blogger Parisjasmal said...

He had a very small part in Lucas, but still.

I know you are a die hard Piven fan! You and my friend Emily are the only 2 other folks I know who have a strange Piven thing.

xoxo to both of you!

9:00 AM  
Blogger ang5els said...

Yes!! J Piv - J, I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out who this guy was - I thought he looked familiar - I knew he was in Lucas. Cutie pie, huh?

6:21 AM  
Blogger Parisjasmal said...

Hey Mar!
Thanks for stopping by the blog!
Yes--he is so cute in that offbeat, quirky kind of way. I love quirky!

3:57 PM  

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