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Mascara Madness---Yves Saint Laurent

YSL Mascara Volume Infini Curl-

I am obsessed with mascara. I have very long lashes, which have been a blessing and a curse. I am asked on a weekly basis if I am wearing fake lashes, but it is hard for me to find glasses because when I blink, my lashes hit the lenses and it drives me batty.
Because of the length of my lashes I have to be very careful and picky with mascara formulas. Nothing clumpy or thick, but nothing too watery either. I own tons of mascara, so these reviews will be a blast. I have tried a little bit of everything.

Yves Saint Laurent (hereby referred to as YSL) makes GREAT mascara. I especially love the Volume Infini Curl. It comes in a gold tube which looks very old school as opposed to Donald Trumpish. It is the perfect consistency, just thick enough to get great volume, but not so thick that you get clumps.

This is the perfect shade of black...not too brown, not too blue. It comes in a spiral brush as opposed to the Christmas tree type brush.

I do not wear this with a primer. The formula gives good volume and great coverage, so I did not feel the need to.

I would give this YSL mascara a rating of 9. I love it!

I am not sure if this mascara gives much curl, as I always curl my lashes. I have tried loads of eyelash curlers in my lifetime. Some of my favorites through the years have been:

Shu Uemura- I worship this eyelash curler. I have used it for years.
It is so gentle ( A MUST in lash curlers) but effective. This one is so popular that a lot of times my local Sephora is out of it. So I have been forced into trying other brands.

Kevyn Aucoin

--what can I say? He was such a makeup legend, and all around lovely person. I was fortunate enough to meet him a couple of times in Chicago at events. He was from Louisiana, so we bonded over our Southern accents ( I SWEAR I do no thave one though). I anticipated his makeup line for ever. I adore his eyelash curler. It comes with a flashy red pad, which does not really matter, but the red with the silver looks cool. This eyelash curler is awesome.

Bobbi Brown- My latest lash curler acquisition is the sleek, black Bobbi Brown eyelash curler. I got this in a pinch on vacation a while ago when I discovered I had left my eyelash curler behind. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I love it. The tension is great, the padding is soft, and it works beautifully. Ms. Bobbi, can you do no wrong?

I look forward to being part of mascara madness, as I said above, I LOVE MASCARA!

Thanks to A at BlogdorfGoodman for inviting me to be involved, and thanks to K at Scentzilla and Seldomnicenowadays for the cool mascara graphic! (sorry guys I cannot get the links to work.)

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Check out these other awesome bloggers for more fabulous mascara reviews!!! We will be doing this all month!


Blogger jennipah said...

jen - don't forget about the shiseido curler! it comes with an extra pad too... that and shu are my personal faves.

and for CHEAP but good mascara, i like maybelline's full and soft. and lancome doesn't do me wrong. oh i do love mascara!

9:10 AM  
Blogger Amelia said...

Comment on a comment from Jennpah,
Hi there ! I already knew maybelline so then I went on to find out the Lancome mascara you mentioned. There's so many, what's yours? Thx.

4:30 AM  

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