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Searching for the perfect nude.....lip

I am always searching for, perusing aisles to find , and trying to root out the perfect shades of nude for my lips. I find this extemely difficult because everything turns out looking either too brown, or too peach.

I love the way Barbara Streisand always had the perfect nude lip back in the 70's. Shiny, but not obnoxiously so. Very subtle, very lovely.

On my quest over the past couple of years I have come up with some wonderful, sheer, pouty, glossy, shiny, and not so shiny nude lip wear.

Say what you want about J-Lo, but the girl can work a nude lip. I think the Restylane might help the look along...but none the less- her lips are adorned in nude colors, and I think they work for her.

I will share some of my favorite nudie finds with you.

I will start with liners. I am not a huge fan of lipliners. So many people put them on too dark and they look weird. However I have found that some neutral/nude lipliners applied correctly add just enough oomph to your lips to make them look plump and succulent.
Chanel makes a lipliner simply called Nude that is fabulous. Not dark, not brown, not pink...just a neutral shade that blends well. It comes with a blending brush on one end and it is beautiful.

YSL makes a nude lipliner in a shade that is simply known as #13 it is a great, soft neutral shade of nude. YLS also has a beautiful lip liner called Nude Beige. Both these lip liners are gorgeous.

MAC - Spice. Hall of fame lipliner. This is a darling to most makeup artists. It goes great with many shades of lipstick...the hallmark of a true neutral. It has been very popular for years.

I am very picky with lipsticks, so this was a tough one, but my favorites thus far in my nude search are listed below.


Cle De Peau- Beaute Rouge a Levries in #57. It is moisturizing, soft, shiny and neutral. I love it!

MAC- Half Baked. This one has a little more pigment. It is a soft, sandy colored nude with some gold--but it is still a lovely neutral shade. Half Baked lipstick looks beautiful with MAC C-Thru lip glass on top.

MAC - High Tea. Shimmery, pinky, shiny, nude. One of my faves. Looks beautiful with MAC Spice liner.

Shiseido - Shimmering Lipstick in SL1. As the name would indicate it is shimmery, but not overly so. It is a beautiful nude lipstick.

And for my gloss picks.

Delux Beauty -Marshall. Marshall is a beautiful nude gloss with a little shimmer and just a touch of pink. I usually wear it over the Cle de Peau or the Shiseido lipsticks.

Vincent Longo -Dolce. This is simply stunning. It has some opalesence mixed it to give it a pearly look. Stunning.

MAC -C-Thru. Very sheer, almost milky in color, but goes on sheer and nude. C-Thru has been a staple in my cosmetic wardrobe for years.

YSL Baume D'ete Tinted lip balm SPF 10 shade 15m -This one is a little bronze with some shimmer. Perfect to use in the summer, on the beach in Rio De Janeiro, or just at Taco Bell in St. Louis. What I am saying is it is versatile, wearable, and neutral.

Stila Lip Glaze-Vanilla. All Stila glazes are sheer and beautiful. The Vanilla is a bronzey sheer neutral with a hint of glimmer.

There are some drugstore finds that I love as well. These can be much easier to find than the department store ones. Honestly I find their quality quite good too.

Milani - Crystal Lip Gloss Secret #12. Milani is marketed primarily to women of color, but I find a lot of their colors look fabulous on me, and I am a fair skinned redhead. This particular shade of gloss is soft, milky, the color of coffee with cream....only a little lighter. Beautiful.

Rimmel Vinyl Lip - EastEnd Snob. This color has a little bit of a peachy/pinky tint to it, but it is still beautifully nude. It is very shiny and long lasting.

Loreal Color Juice - Butterscotch Drop #850. This gloss would look great on tan or olive skin. It is creamy and dewy and like the name says, butterscotchy.

Loreal Color Juice - Twilight Pink #112. This one is a summery, shimmery nude. It has the slightest bit of pink, but on me it wears very nude. This one is light so if you are so inclined to wear lipliner I would suggest wearing one with this.

Honorable mention goes to Wet-n-Wild #666 Lipliner. When I lived in the Bible Belt of the United States I was scared of this lip liner. It was the devil's liner. I have since realized that if this is the devil's lip liner then the devil has some stylin' lips. Just kidding, but this lip liner is beautiful, neutral, and CHEAP!

I will keep looking for the ever elusive perfect nude lip colors. I will share more of my excellent finds as my journey continues.

Can you share with me some of your favorite nude or neutral lip colors? Thanks, I look forward to some other beautiful nudes--for lipsticks and glosses--oh get your heads out of the gutter-HA!


Blogger melanie said...

Isadora Liplights are rocking my world. Soft Nougat is an excellent nude. It's got a little "something something* with a slight gold shimmer.

8:49 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Thanks for all the recs! I am now wanting to try all of these. My favorite nude glosses are MAC Prrr Lipglass, Delux Beauty Asher, and Clinique Superbalm in Raspberry Tint. For liners, I haven't really found a perfect nude liner so I'm going to try out the ones you suggested. I recently purchased MAC Subculture, but it's actually too nude because it's precisely the same color as my lips.

10:50 PM  
Blogger Marina said...

Oooh, what a great post, exactly what I wanted to read. I made notes. I am off shopping now!
Signed, Fellow Fan of Nude.

5:45 AM  
Blogger Parisjasmal said...

Hey Melanie-
ISADORA--shout out Walgreens! I love Isadora cosmetics. I think I have Soft Nougat, I will have to find it and bask in its shimmery nudeness!

Hello! Thanks for visiting. I love Mac Prrrr also. I have been wearing it forever. On me, Prrr is very shiny and pink. You know I think the natural shade of ones lips determines what is a nude on them. I also love Delux Asher. I will try the Clinique Superbalm and the Mac Subculture--THANK YOU for your recs!
Have a great day!

Hello Columbina--
Fill me in on some of your fave nudes. I am sure you look beautiful in nudes--with your big blue eyes!

6:52 AM  
Blogger Luring the boys with my mad Sloppy Joe Skills said...

Hey MP,
I have a different way of nuding my lips. Its the ONLY thing that I have found for my own personal shade of lips. I have lips that tend to look washed out a lot without anything on them. After years of trying to find the RIGHT one, a friend suggested lipgloss and eye shadow. IT WORKS!! for me anyway. I have a VERY light almost brown color of eyeshadow that I use, over it I put whatever lipgloss I am using that week. Just a clear something or another. My favorite for the past year or so though is found at your neighborhood Bath and Body Works. Its called Vanilla sugar and its lip balm. And I am addicted. My mom gave me some when I was in the hospital. My lips have never been so soft and it does a really great job over my eyeshadow concotion as well. I have trouble with dry lips too so this has helped that too!! Anyway, may sound TOTALLY ridiculous but next time you want to try on some nude or any other color for that matter? Reach inside your makeup bag for your eyeshadow. It doesnt run either. No need for lip liner. P.S. it stays on forever too. No reapplying three hundred times a day/night.

7:18 AM  
Blogger Parisjasmal said...

Skootchie B-
Leave it to my Misto to be a makeup wizard--who'd a thunk it? Eyeshadow as the perfect nude lip?
This is very very interesting. I will have to call you to get the exact concotion and eyeshadow you use.
Thanks for such an outside the box rec.
By the way, I love the lip balm you talked about.
Hugs to you my friend!

7:52 AM  
Blogger Luring the boys with my mad Sloppy Joe Skills said...

LOL! Leave it to me...thats funny. Just call me OkiePosh!!! HeeHee. Have fun in your travels!!!

6:29 AM  
Blogger katiedid said...

Oh, I love those Milani Crystal Glosses too - they're great! My sister is just a tinge pinker than me (undertone-wise) and they look especially awesome on her. Well, except for the rusty brown colored one that I can't remember the name of anymore, because we both looked like we'd licked the inside rim of a toilet when we tried it on. Yeah. It was not a pretty look.

My number one all time greatest nude lip product is Pretty Pretty's sheer lipstick in Edie. Actually, it's one of my few holy grail lipsticks. It's cerfiably *perfect* in every way. Second runner-up is the Lola sheer lipstick in Hold Me. It's not quite as nice, but it's easier for me to find around Portland. I don't do sheer lipglosses anymore - just some clear over my beloved Edie, or the Hold Me.

3:29 PM  
Blogger Jonniker said...

Some people just can't work the nude lip no matter what. I am, alas, one of those people. I have rosebud lips - highly pigmented, naturally-dark lips coupled with an extraordinarily square jawline. Which means, if I don't rock a strong lipcolor, I look like a giant chin with washed-out lips. Not a good look.

8:11 PM  
Blogger StillWater said...

Wow! Semi permanent make up has alot of uses! But did you know that a woman consumes over 4 to 9 lbs of lipstick in her lifetime! Here is the link that I found that shows all of the research:

6:50 PM  

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