Monday, May 08, 2006

Mascara Mayhem-- Chanel Cils A Cils

Chanel Cils A Cils Mascara

I usually trust all things Chanel to be refined, great quality and all around fabulous. Chanel Cils A Cils mascara keeps true to the Chanel label by being all those things.

Although I love this mascara, it is not my very favorite. I find the bristles on the brush to be a bit stiff, which is fine, but not my preference. I like a little wiggle room, a little give as it were. The formula is great...not too thick, but not too watery. I would tend to say it leans towards a thicker mascara. One or two coats of Cils A Cils is perfect for daytime wear, but if you want some va va va voom Jessica Rabbit style, then layer on a couple more coats ( be sure to use a lash separater to avoid thicky and clumpy Tammy Faye style lashes) for extra wow for an evening out.

I always use a last separater--always. I cannot stand clumpy, yucky lashes. Thick and luscious --GOOD! Clumpy and yucky--BAD! I usually use what looks to be a mascara wand just sold by itself. Sonia Kashuk at Target has one--I believe it is marketed as a brow brush, but it looks just like a mascara brush and works perfectly on the lashes. Shu Uemura also has one that works great. After I put on mascara I go over it with the empty mascara brush just to keep clumps at bay. With a light touch, you can get rid of clumps while not jeopardizing your mascara application. If you have a favorite mascara brush from an empty or expired mascara, well, when you are finished with your mascara it came in, if it is still in great shape, wash it throughly with warm soapy water, then let it dry completely. You may want to go over it one time with some astringent just to make sure there is ABSOLUTELY no mascara residue still on it as old mascara can cause all kinds of eye issues. Then *voila* instant, inexpensive lash separater.

Chanel Cils A Cils comes in Black, Brown, Marine (blue), and Violet. The price is $24.oo on .

I did not wear this product with a lash primer.

Product rating = 7

(Edited) Please see my post below for the list of fabulous beauty bloggers who will be reviewing mascaras all month. Sorry I could not get the links to work yesterday!

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