Saturday, December 02, 2006

Thanks Nick!

I am honored and humbled (and obnoxiously thrilled) that Nick Verreos from Season 2 of Project Runway -who is one of the genius designers of the Nikolaki line of clothing (along with David Paul) , liked one of my blog posts enough that he used it on his very own blog- I do not know who sent my post to Nick, but to that person I say Thank You. I am so pleased that he liked the post and that I do his beautiful shirt enough justice to be deemed a "Nikolaki Girl"! A title I will wear loud and proud.

It has been a VERY long time since I have made the hairs raise up on the back of any man's arm--*BLUSH*! I love Nick, and his clothing. You can check out his whole line here Beautiful things for real women. I love the Nikolaki shirt I have. Gorgeous and comfortable and so unique. I look forward to seeing more of his line!

To see the Nikolaki collection in living color you can go here (it is from YouTube) : . This is their runway show at Smashbox Fashion Week in Los Angeles. Beautiful, colorful, and wearable. I love it all! Someday I hope to see his one of his shows in person--how thrilling!
Above is a photo of more Nick Love--This is my beautiful blog buddy Jennipah (on the right) and her lovely friend (on the left) making a Nick Sandwich! Jennipah was lucky enough to be at EMc2 for the Grand Opening. She said Nick was in the middle of wine consumption when she asked for a photo and he graciously put down his vino to take a photo with them. Read Jennipah's account of her Brush With Project Runway Fame here: . Turns out Jennipah had her eye on the exact same Nikolaki top I purchased, but the store was way too crowded. I have a feeling Jenn will make her way back to EMc2 though.

As I said in a previous post--next time you are in NYC, check out Nick's designs -as well as many other designs by talented designers at EMc2 on Elizabeth Street. EMc2 is owned by Emmett McCarthy. He carries his own designs as well as Chloe Dao, Kara Janx and of course Nikolaki.

Thanks again Nick! I wish you much success!

Fashionable day to all!

(photos from and Jennipah --hugs to Jenn!)


Blogger melanie said...

This is so exciting! I hope that when you do your Best of 2006 list, the Nikolaki top makes the list. It really does look great on you, and it's nice to know that the person who designed it appreciates that :^)

4:32 PM  
Blogger TessaJ said...

How exciting!

10:53 PM  

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