Thursday, March 08, 2007

Lovely Things From Intermix

INTERMIX is one of my favorite websites for cutting edge, interesting , and ..well..pretty things. They carry a little bit of, clothes, accessories, fragrance, etc. You can always find something new and unique there. You can find things in all price ranges from designers/brands like Boudoir, Sea New York, 925, Chloe, J Brand, etc.
I love giraffes, so I love this Kenneth Jay Lane bracelet. So fun and whimsical.

I also adore all things Missoni, so this coat is making me swoon. I want to wear this in Rome in the fall at an outdoor cafe while sipping Sambuca (diluted with water, of course). Missoni just keeps getting better and better.

I can be a bit of a fragrance snob, so my hopes were not high for yet another Rose fragrance-- but much to my surprise, Pure Rose by Intermix is truly beautiful. The notes and description as per the Intermix website are:

Pure Rose is like a freshly picked rose from the gardens of France. The scent evokes femininity and innocence. It is light, yet subtly sexy, making it the perfect choice for the Intermix woman's everyday fragrance. The creation of Pure Rose started with a base of tree moss from France, honey from Provence and bitter almond extract from Spain. We then mixed in natural ingredients like green ivy, French pear extract, violets and Chinese lychees with cloves from the Spice Islands to create a soft, fresh, unquestionably feminine scent. 50 ml; 1.7 fl. oz.

I find it to be fresh and sparkling. A spring/summer fragrance for sure. I pick up on the honey, the French pear extract and the cloves..... and I likey. I get no almond--which is a very good thing for me. If you like Rose--this one is not to be missed. I would compare it to Bond's West Side, only with more freshness and crispness. A Rose with a little bit of a spark!

There are many acutal Intermix stores in the New York area- as well as in Boston, Miami, Atlanta and beyond. You can find all locations on their website link below.

Have a beautiful day!

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Blogger Jennifer said...

Skreeeeeee! Oh I LOVE that coat!!!! Rome sounds nice. :D But, I'd be in heaven just wearing it to the grocery store! lol

10:11 PM  
Blogger mareGa said...

The bracelet is gorgeous.

2:57 AM  
Blogger katiedid said...

OH! I had never heard of that Intermix rose frag before, thanks! Interesting... too bad there's no ability to sample before purchase, though :( (I'm trying to curtail my unsniffed purchases!)

6:43 PM  

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