Thursday, August 09, 2007

Redheads Protest Wendy's

What a crazy summer! There has been no time for blogging lately.
Thank God for Youtube and cornball videos.

In a time where everyone wants to protest something and be a victim, I thought this video was hilarious!

Viva la Redheads!


Blogger k said...

this is great! i'm a natural strawberry blonde, so this really made me laugh!
i replied to your comment (about my foxy boys list) on my blog. thanks for introducing me to mark mortimer! yum!

1:21 PM  
Blogger Parisjasmal said...

Hi K!
How are you.

I thought this video was funny.
I am a total coppertop, so I got a chuckle.

Another Foxy man I would add to the list is Gary Gulman. He is one of my faves. SO TALL, SO SILLY!

YUM is right! HA.

Lovely day to you!!

1:24 PM  
Blogger k said...

ok, looking up gary gulman now. i ipdated the list AGAIN a couple days ago. i'm obsessed. drooling and obsessed. :)

10:39 PM  
Blogger k said...

hi again!
glad you approve of so many of the new foxy additions! i can't believe i forgot harry connick & jason bateman- i've loved them FOREVER! when i was in h.s. i saw harry perform outside in the rain, w/ no intermission for 3 hours. he is a true entertainer.
even farmer was in "2gether" that fake boy band that mtv put together. they had a show- it was really funny.
jim gaffigan is my all-time favorite comedian!!!!! i worship him. my husband & i quote him all the time. i had one of his old standups on cd when i was in labor cause i knew it would put me in a good mood!
i don't watch top chef, but after looking up sam i think i'll start! :)
do you mean julie & julia? LOVED it. loved her reference to jason bateman. i'm so glad he's getting re-famous. he's so freakin' talented.
re: jury duty- i'll keep you posted. i can't believe they use first & last name! scary. you know the murderer's got some friend there writing down names... ack! i'm really squeamish & if it has something to do with someone hurting someone, especially a kid, i will just lose it.

8:05 PM  

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