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Reader Question: Big love for Kim Vo

I get lots of e-mails about my hair. Where do I get it done, what color I have on it etc. Sometimes when you are a redhead it becomes all about the hair. I am the only redhead in my family and quite often growing up, I was the only redhead of all my friends-hereby being known as The Redhead, Booger Red, Fuschia, Carrot Top, Copper Top etc etc etc.

One e-mail from Rose in Ann Arbor:

I really love your hair in your photos. Is it natural? What do you use on your hair for conditioner? Who is your stylist? Do you blowdry every day? Have you ever colored your own hair?
I travel to Chicago for work, so I could more than likely go to your stylist in Chicago at some point.

Thank you for the e-mail Rose.
Yup, I am a natural redhead. Honestly, I do not usually get my hair done in Chicago. I have had my hair dyed a crazy eggplant color one too many times around these parts. I mean seriously, it might work on a 20 year old goth princess--but on me, not so much. I go in asking for RED and I come home looking dark and purple. My husband told me to never come home with purple hair again (he is afraid people will think I did it on purpose) , so if I want to have a home, then I must go to someone I can trust. Someone who will channel more Ann Margaret and less punk rock 80's band. Red hair is very hard to get right. So many "colorists" are used to only doing highlights, so they are lost on a real color.

My favorite colorist is KIM VO from B2V Salon in West Hollywood, CA. A long time ago my husband and I were watching Extreme Makeover (the plastic surgery reality show) and Kim was the featured hair guy. He was making over a mom and daughter. Kim dyed the daughter's hair a beautiful red, shiny, light catching color. My husband said "You need to go to him". I was like, "But he is in Hollywood".-to which my husband says --"Well flying you to Los Angeles is better than you going to Chicago and coming home with purple hair". So I flew to LA and I went to Kim Vo and I LOVED HIM. He is funny and nice and makes everyone he sees feel special. I have been to him a few times, but because of distance I cannot go to him as often as I would like. In Chicago I would recommend going to Maxine's on Rush. I get my hair cut there sometimes. Everyone at Maxines is amazing..

Ok--now comes the part where I am going to be honest. Honest to the point of tacky--so tacky in fact that some of you will gasp in disgust and or disbelief--but here goes.

Some of my best haircuts, I have given myself......after drinking wine and eating lots of carbs. I KNOW I KNOW. Disgraceful, but wine and carbs make me crazy. Mind you, they were not full on haircuts--just a little trim here and there. I have also been known to color my own hair. I rarely do this because to me it is just too messy, but the color I have used is Garnier Nutrisse #65 -Light Reddish Brown and I liked it -- it is a nice color.

As for conditioner, I love Kerastase and Redken Butter Treat. I do not blow dry every day because a lot of the time I just put it up wet and go to the gym or to run errands. For leave in conditioner I use Carol's Daughter Hair Milk and Renee Futerer.

I am constantly looking for a good stylist/colorist close to me, or anywhere for that matter, as I travel a lot. Does anyone have a favorite stylist/colorist they would care to share?

Thanks for any and all information.

Have a beautiful day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, so the next time you "go Hollywood," make sure you have your people contact my people.


9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My chums and I love your blog. I read about it in my local weekly.
Thank you for the great fashion advice. You are very pretty.

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL! I don't know why, but the "wine and carbs" thing makes me laugh...I have been going to the same color person for almost 8 years. I'm pretty sure it's a record. I've mostly been red until the last few years (mine wasn't natural), and she does WONDERFUL red. She does wonderful everything. I've never once been unhappy. She's here in Atlanta though, so you'd have to come visit! ;-)

10:17 AM  
Blogger Parisjasmal said...

Dear R-

Thanks for visiting--I will for sure give you a buzz next time I hit the Hills!

Hello Aussie Beauty-
Thanks for visiting and thanks for the kind words!

Hello Green Eyes-
You are so lucky to have a wonderful hairdresser than you trust. Hotlanta--huh? I have never been. Maybe it is time for another trip down to the Dirty South! I will let you know.

TO ALL 3 OF YOU--I just switched to the new version of blogger, so I have NO IDEA why all your comments say from anonymous now. This is driving me nuts. I am glad I saw the comments before they switched or I would have NO IDEA who they were from. I am in the process of trying to get this fixed--so wish me luck. I HAVE to know who my comments are from!


1:16 PM  
Blogger Aussie Beauty1 said...

I was wondering what happened there. It is OK. I hope you can fix it.
Thank you.

8:06 PM  
Blogger Patricia Perry said...

Gee, when I get tanked up on liquor and carbs, I put a bowl of tortilla chips on my head! Next time I am loaded, I should dump the chips out of the bowl, put it on my head upside down and use it to guide me through a fabulous haircut. HA! Joni (AKA "Ms. P")

4:42 PM  
Blogger Parisjasmal said...

Aussie Beauty,

I was wondering too! ACK --hopefully it is better. Thanks for visiting!

Hey Joni-
TEE HEE HEE!! I have to be there when you turn the bowl over to give yourself a fab haircut!! That is hilarious!
Have a great day!

8:40 AM  

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