Monday, December 17, 2007

Cowshed.....take me away!

Sheesh---I need a vacation.

This time of year is always so hectic. It seems as though everytime I think my holiday work is done--poof--there is another dinner party, or another gift that needs wrapping, another deadline to meet, another trip to the post office, etc. It never ends. The fact that we are covered in snow, my car is in the shop, and I am on a hateful sugar high(thanks to all the sweet holiday gifties from well wishers) 24-7 does not help at all. Oh, and the time I wasted trying to appease someone from, or representing the Chapman family due to my post below just adds insult to injury....or maybe injury to insult in this case-HA!

So, when my days are long and cold and busy, sometimes there is nothing better than a nice warm bath. ..and a glass of wine, but I will leave wine posts to people much more eloquent than I.
I will stick to what I know, and I know bath products.

I have been a fan of the COWSHED line for a long time. I first experienced their stuff in London about 4 years ago, then I was pleasantly surprised to find the Barneys in NYC carried the Cowshed line. I stocked up for fear it would go back to being sold exclusively in the UK again.

Cowshed Bullocks is one of my all time favorite shower gels. It is lavendar with a kick and I love it. I had been using it for a while when I went to SOHO HOUSE NEW YORK only to find out that is the line of toiletries they have in their hotel rooms and in their spa. I sometimes will pick hotels based on their brand of toiletries, or at the very least, toiletries can weigh on my decision. In the spa at Soho House you can purchase almost the whole line of Cowshed products. Soho House is an incredible hotel, the Cowshed products are just a total added bonus.
The image above is of the Lazy Cow Bath Oil--infused with jasmine and chamomile, it is delightful for a warm bath on a cold, winter evening.
This is the Knackered Cow bar soap. It is wonderful for when the holidays (or the every day) has you plum knackered. It contains oils of lavendar and eucalyptus and it is amazing.

If you love bath products like I do, then give Cowshed products a try. They have many, many things to choose from on their website.

I hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season, keeping warm, and finding time to rest and relax.
Oh and if you are going to the post office today-I bid you peace. I hear it is going to be a zoo!

Lovely day to all!

(all photos from SohoHouseNewYork , and Cowshed)


Blogger Gretchen said...

Merry Christmas to me...can't wait to make them sound fab!

Hope you are well & staying warm!

12:38 PM  
Blogger Pia said...

The Cowshed products sound so soothing,especially the oil. You deserve to be pampered with all the work and running around you do especially with the cold and snow you have in Chicago. Enjoy!

Sorry you had to spend more time appeasing people regarding the French Vogue issue. It's over now so clear it from your mind and enjoy yourself,eat drink and be merry!

May I tell you again how much I love Billy Harvey? Can I marry him?

Stay warm and enjoy,enjoy!
Merry Christmas and hugs to you, Finley and Forrest.

12:47 PM  
Blogger Patricia Perry said...

I went to the Cowshed website to check out their products - they sound great (and their product names are so funny!) I was especially intrigued by the Grumpy Cow Morning Body Wash(grumpy in the morning - that'd be me!) I think I'm going to have to treat myself...

Thanks and hope you have a wonderful holiday!

6:31 AM  
Blogger Parisjasmal said...

*Hello Gretchen-

Happy Holidays to you and your gorgeous family!
Thanks for visiting. The Cowshed line is indeed great.
Did you get much ice?

*Hi Pia-

Cowshed is very soothing. I think you are right, if I must endure this cold and snow then I do deserve lots of pampering! HA

Oh girl--I am not sure if Billy Harvey is the marrying kind--but I know he feels your love and appreciates it. Have you heard his new stuff? He has a new CD coming out soon--or it may already be out. The new stuff is amazing!
(((Billy Harvey))) group hugs for an amazing artist--and really cute guy!
Happy Holidays to you too ladybug!

*Hi Pat-

I love the name too. The Bullocks Bracing shower gel named always cracks me up. It is great stuff.

Happy Holidays.
Bourdain pic coming to you when I can find it!


12:06 PM  
Blogger Viscondi said...

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6:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Jen,

I love Cowshed too. I remember when we were in NYC and you bought like 4 bottles then stressd about how you were going to get them home.
You and your bath gels and perfume just crack me up.


4:02 PM  

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