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Back from Oklahoma and Nail Polish Question

I am back from my trip to Oklahoma. I got to spend quality time with my family and a fun evening with friends. Please do not ask me why my head is all bent over sideways. Southwest eggrolls do strange things to me. I love Southwest eggrolls and I love my friends and family.

Ok- when I returned from my trip, I had 11 emails and a few blog comments asking me what the color of my nails were in the post below where I am fondling a lobster roll. It is "Hard Knock Life" by Deborah Lippman's Vinyl line that is available at BATH AND BODY WORKS .
It looks more black than blue to me, but in the sunlight it is a really deep blue. I love all of Deborah Lippman's stuff, and I have blogged about her genius before. Her Vinyl line is relatively new. It is in really small bottles and has TONS of shine. You can check her other stuff out here: LIPPMAN COLLECTION .

Whilst we are on the subject of nail polish....I got a manicure yesterday and even though I am opposed to nail art, Jamie- my nail girl talked me into a snowman for the holiday season. The girls where I get manicures are REALLY good artists. I could never do the small and sometimes intricate artwork they do on fingernails.
Cute, no? As I said, I am usually not a fan of nail art because I kinda think it is tacky and juvenile , BUT it is the holiday season so what the hell? I like my little man.

Here is a close up so you can see his hat and scarf. In case you were wondering, he is sporting a lovely Hermes cashmere scarf.

Oh and Hanukkah started a couple of days ago, so Happy Hanukkah to everyone!

(photos from MonkeyPosh LLC)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I like the little tiny snowman with the Hermes cashmere scarf, woman! It's not in the least bit tacky. It looks like fun and is ultra festive.

That said, I never get nail art; I am a straight-up polish woman. But for a change, I think it's lovely.

I have been wearing the very hard to find OPI Sweet Love on Ferris Wheel. It's a gorgeous shimmery foil that's a neutral beige/pink, and can only be found in Japan and other nearby countries. I received it in a swap with a very nice woman from Australia.

I love to wear nude colors on my nails from time to time. Nudes are great to wear when you know that you will be busy and won't have time for touch-ups, because the little chips don't show up like they do with the darker/vampier colors.

Geez...I really am a nail polish fanatic, aren't I?

Hugs, babe!

8:32 AM  
Blogger Pia said...

Glad you're home ParisJ, I missed you!
You must have spent some lovely times with your dear grandmother. God bless her and may you have many more years with her.
What a nice photo of you and your friends/family. You look pretty even with your head sideways. Yep,it must be the Southwestern eggrolls,lol! Just kidding! So,which is your favorites,the lobster rolls or the Southwestern ones? Are there any Italian eggrolls with a filling of pizza toppings?
I'm sorry I didn't notice your nails in your Boston photo,I was too busy looking at you,you looked so pretty holding the lobster roll. Or the lobster roll looked pretty because you were holding it. Don't mind me,I am being very silly. I have an awful cold and the cold medicine must be affecting me.
I like your nails with red polish with the cute little snowman with the Hermes scarf. Very pretty, enjoy! I'm partial to snowmen myself, I collect them,they are so sweet.
I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

1:14 PM  
Blogger Pia said...

PS Hello Violetnoir, I hope all is well and you are enjoying the holidays.

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do your nail girls wear maginfying glasses? That is impressive just to see that good.
I am not a fan of nail art either, at least all the like lazer looking stuff. I like snowmen and candy canes and jackolanterns.

Happy Holidays

12:30 PM  
Blogger Swirl Girl said...

Although I'm with you on the "nail art" anti-fetish, I do love your little snowman w/ his designer scarf. The nail chick is talented indeed. I had no idea we posted the same picture until just now. I think I like the one with your head tilted the best! Loves.

4:47 PM  
Blogger Parisjasmal said...

Hello Dear R-

OOOHHH your OPI Sweet Love sounds beautiful. Australia and Asia really do have a lot different cosmetic things than we do in the US. What a lucky swap my dear!

I wear nudes most of the time. I love the Essie pink nudes--Mademoiselle, Ballet Slippers, Sugar Daddy, Fed Up...ETC
I also love OPI Bubble Bath (which is Giada diLaurentiis's signature color). But every now and then I like to vamp it up with a dark color....and maybe a snowman! HA

I would say you are for sure a nail polish maven.

Hi Lovely Pia-

AWWW....I was missed! Thanks Pia! I did have a lovely time with my Grandma.
Thank you for your kind words--you really do say the nicest things!
To answer your question--I love Lobster Rolls the best, but now that you mention it I do mention "rolls" a lot. Lobster rolls, SW eggrolls, Oh and I love cinnamon rolls too! HA
Have you ever had Jeno's Pizza Rolls from the grocery store? They are in the freezer section and actually they are pretty good too--dipped in ranch dressing. HA

Very cool that you collect snowmen!

I hope your cold gets better my dear. Pox on all the cold weather!
Have a lovely day Pia!!!

First off I like your name. Does it mean like a mason as in a builder? Like you are a heart builder? That is nice.
No the girls do not wear any kind of glasses--they are just steady handed and amazing. I could never to art like that.

*Hello Beautiful C-
I am so happy I took my camera so we could document the evening. You look amazing and you have not aged a bit. Thanks for cracking me up all night!
Much love dear!!!

7:57 AM  
Blogger Fightin' Mad Mary said...

I know what you mean about nail art being juvenile, but every once in a while I cave it. The snowman wearing Hermes is ultra chic!!

Was it the southwest eggroll that made you tilt your head to the side or was it the margaritas ;)

8:56 PM  
Blogger TessaJ said...

I'm not personally a fan of nail art, either, but it amazes me that people can create such tiny detail!

11:33 AM  
Blogger nowhereok said...

So I decided to check out some of your other posts on this lovely little blog you have here and of course the one with "nail polish" caught my eye. I am a nail polish freak and I love your little man, it looked great! I like nail art as long as it's in good taste (not overdone like on every finger) and that definitely was. Thanks for the tip about the polish line too, I'll be checking that out for sure.


11:26 AM  
Blogger k said...

b&bw had the lippman nailcolor on major discount at their post-christmas sale last weekend. maybe it still is. i love her stuff. i never thought i could love a nailcolor as much as OPI but i do lippman's vinyl.

do you have acrylics or are your nails just that perfect?! i have to have acrylics or i will bite my cuticles until they bleed. tmi? i'ts after midnight.

10:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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