Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lovely summer tops at Active Endeavors

I hope that everyone had a lovely Mother's Day Weekend. Mine was hectic and over too quickly. I did get to spend some time in downtown Chicago this weekend, so that was nice. I love Chicago in Spring and Summer.
Summer always makes for a busy time with lots of travel for me. I have been searching high and low for light and lovely summer tops that would be good for travel. Here are some cute and interesting things I found at .This is the Sundial Shift Dress by Tibi. I had noticed this top at a fashion show this weekend, then J-Lo and behold if Elisabeth H. from The View wore it on the show this week. Very nice looking dress/top.This is the Puff Sleeve Top by Rebecca Taylor. I am usually not a fan of rosettes or rosette type "things" on clothes, but I can look past the rosette on this top (which I am sure can easily be removed if one so chose) because I LOVE the sleeves. The formal detailing on the sleeves make the whole top in my opinion. So lovely.

This is the English Last Wrap Top by Testamant. I love the gauzy, flowy look of this one. It would look great dressed down with jeans, but you could also dress this one up with a skirt.
This is the Bubble Gum Hem Top by Graham and Spencer. Please forgive the leggings on the model in this photo--SO NOT A GOOD LOOK. For obvious reasons, shirts long enough to cover the crotch area should ALWAYS be worn with leggings. Moving on.
This top is so cute. I love it. Puffy tops are sometimes hard to pull off--too much puff and you can just look bloated, however...a little puff is oh so cute. Sorry I keep using the word "cute" but what else sounds right with a "bubble gum" top?

Love Love Love this little number! This is the Woodcut Floral Dress by Anna Sui. I have a love hate relationship with Anna Sui's designs. It goes by season. Some seasons, I love her stuff, some seasons, not so much. I think this dress is beautiful. Perfect for a summer night on the beach. I think I must order this one today because this summer, I plan on quite a few summer nights by the beach.
Do any of you have any fabulous vacations planned for this summer? Please share!
You can find Active Endeavors at:
853 W. Armitage Ave
Chicago, Illinois
It is located in the awesome Lincoln Park area.
Have a beautiful day!
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Blogger violetnoir said...

I've been looking for cute tops, too, J. A young friend of ours just opened a small boutique called Lady in our neighborhood. She carries everything from vintage to Trina Turk.

Oh you know what my summer plans are, girlfriend, but first I have to work on our daughter's HS graduation!


9:55 AM  
Blogger WinterWheat said...

I love! I haven't gone there in the longest time... thanks for the reminder. (I'm laughing at the tunic/dress concept, because it's ALWAYS a shirt on big ol' 6' me.)

4:55 PM  
Blogger Daniela said...

I love the Sundial Shift Dress by Tibi. I need to take a closer look at that. Great find. I just started a shopping blog. It's really new so I'd love you to check it out at

6:32 PM  
Blogger EMILY said...

If I put on ANY of those tops I would look like the following items, alternatingly:

a sausage, a tent, or a small shower (with my wrap around curtain). who looks good in those. HONESTLY!

10:18 PM  

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